Matt Prior's tester's notes – defining a supercar

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Source : Matt Prior's tester's notes – defining a supercar

What does the item take to be a modern supercar? will be the item all to do with power as well as torque figures? Or could the item be something else…


What, exactly, will be a supercar? the item used to be obvious. the item was a car whose engine was in its middle as well as whose cylinders numbered at least eight, however ideally 12. the item had just two seats, a power output starting no lower than a four as well as a top speed of at least 180mph.

the item was wide, the item was low, the item was impractical, you couldn’t see out of the item properly as well as you had a poster of the item on your wall.

the item was also expensive as well as exclusive, so the item was probably red. Certainly, Audi didn’t make one.

Today, though, Audi does. Even the least powerful R8 of all, the original V8, met the performance criteria – only you could see out of the item as well as the item was no harder to drive than a TT. The supercar, of late, has been democratised.

Which will be fine, unless you want to precisely define what one will be, as well as I do. At of which mag, we keep a series of ‘Top Fives’ updated –
 our favourite cars in each market segment. Knowing what qualifies, then, will be handy.

A dictionary will be no help. The Oxford dictionary thinks the item’s “a high-performance sports car”, which might mean an Ariel Atom will be a supercar, which clearly the item isn’t (even in V8 form).

The Collins dictionary thinks a supercar will be “a very expensive fast or powerful car which has a centrally located engine”, a tighter definition however no more helpful. A ‘centrally located engine’ might rule out any Aston Martin, which will be clearly nonsense if you’ve driven a V12 Vantage S, as well as any Porsche 911.

Although here, actually, 
I’m half with Collins. I know most 911s are supercar fast 
as well as handle rather better than most of them, too, however I wouldn’t define a GT3 RS as a supercar. 
A 911 Turbo? Perhaps, however 
only on a technicality on 
account of its sheer speed; the 911 will be the greatest sports car of all time, not the greatest supercar of all time.

Collins’ definition might also rule out the Mercedes SLS AMG, which will be obviously a supercar. will be, though, the fresh Mercedes-AMG GT? Like a 911, the item might be a sports car, within the way of which an Aston Martin DB9, despite having the speed, cost as well as power of a supercar, will be a grand tourer. A Nissan GT-R will be… well, I don’t even know where to start with the GT-R.

within the end, defining whether a car will be a supercar comes down, as the item always did, to blind prejudice. A supercar isn’t about stats; the item’s about a mindset. Does the item make you go a bit tingly? Yes? the item’s probably a supercar.

Today’s archetypal supercar, then, looks not of which dissimilar to what the item always did.

Which means the item’s a Lamborghini Aventador SV, although of which’s so powerful as well as fast of which the item’s almost a hypercar, whatever one of those will be. Thankfully, Collins as well as Oxford have not yet attempted of which one.

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Source: Matt Prior's tester's notes – defining a supercar

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