Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles

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Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles


2001 Honda Accord airbag

as well as outside the automotive world will be buzzing about the recall airbag huge cover many millions of cars within the United States of about twenty brands. Here’s what you need to know about the problem. Vehicles in which may have defective, fragments shooting inflator parts of the Japanese supplier Takata. as well as what to do if your car will be one of them.

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the issue involving defective inflator as well as gunpowder devices in which may incorrectly deploy within the event of crash, shooting metal fragments to a passenger car. Nearly 34 million vehicles potentially affected within the United States, as well as a further 7 million has been called all over the globe.

within the beginning, participated only six makes when Takata announced the error in April 2013, nevertheless Toyota’s call in June along the year with This particular brand new acceptance of Takata This particular was a smaller idea as used cars inflatable in defective, or even what you paid-root cause more carmakers to issue identical to withdraw . In July, he was forced to withdraw additional regional NHTSA at the same moisture areas, including Florida, Hawaii as well as the US Virgin Islands to collect the parts in which were removed as well as sent to the Takata for review.

key another call was issued on October 20, the expansion of the affected vehicles across many brands. Toyota, for its part, said This particular will begin to replace the defective inflatable passenger side starting coming from October 25. If parts are not available, nevertheless, he has advised agents to disable air bags as well as put “Do not sit here” messages to the dashboard.

SRS airbag lettering

while Toyota there were not any injuries or fatalities involving its vehicles says a report brand new York Times in September find the sum of not less than 139 injuries across all automakers . In particular, there was at least two deaths as well as 30 injuries in Honda cars. According to Times , Honda as well as Takata claim to know for inflatable wrong since 2004 nevertheless failed to inform the NHTSA in filings the previous call (which began in 2008) in which the air bags affected were in fact ruptured or were related to injuries as well as deaths.

said Takata First to chemicals as well as driving mishandled as well as stored incorrectly during assembly, which will be supposed to have caused the inflatable pneumatic metal pad burst open due to excess pressure inside. In July, the company accused the wet weather as well as paid yet another pull.

According to documents reviewed by Reuters , Takata says in which rust, bad welds, as well as even chewing gum fell to the inflator as well as at least one are also at fault. The same documents show in which in 2002, Takata plant in Mexico in which allows defect rate was “six to eight times above the” acceptable limits, or approximately 60-80 damaged parts per 1 million inflatable airbag shipped. The company features a study has not yet reached a final conclusion as well as the results reported to NHTSA

UPDATE 2014/11/07, 09:44: The brand new York Times has published a report suggesting in which Takata will be known for airbag issues in 2004, conducting secret tests outside of work hours to check the problem. The results confirmed the key issues with inflatable, engineers quickly began searching for a solution. nevertheless instead of reporting the federal safety officials to proceed with reforms, something executives Takata engineers to destroy the data as well as get rid of the physical evidence. This particular happened in a full four years before publicly admitted Takata problem

UPDATE 11/7 / 2014, 17:29: two US senators This particular has at This particular point called for Department of Justice to open a criminal investigation on the matter. The Takata “The allegations contained in [ brand new York Times ] Article inaccurate basically.” The company went on to say in which “takes very seriously the accusations In This particular article we cooperate as well as participate fully with the investigating government will be at This particular point underway.”

Read more about these developments This particular C / D Page .

UPDATE 2014/11/13, 11:10 am: Takata issued an official statement saying in which more allegations in last week brand new York Times article “inaccurate basically,” as well as in which “the impugned unfairly Takata as well as safety of its employees.” The company says (in This particular PDF ) in which there are no “inflatable airbag junk” in 2004 tests, in which hours after the tests were in 2004, “not a” secret tests “… [nevertheless] This particular was done at the request of NHTSA to address the issue cushion for tearing unrelated inflator rupture, “as well as in which he” did not suppress any test results show cracking or rupture of the inflatable, “whether automobile manufacturers such as Honda or for NHTSA.

for story about Takata Statement image , as well as Times spoke again with one of the two for sources with Article 6 November. He quoted This particular unknown person saying: “What Takata says will be not true… They’re trying to turn things around.”

within the November 12 told us about a change within the chemical composition of Takata coming from the fuel airbag, which the company says This particular will be unrelated to the situation continuously call / 2014 0.6: 10

UPDATE 11/18: in light of the recent airbag failure within the Ford Mustang in 2007 within the state of North Carolina, who was not part of the “areas of high humidity,” Originally, call the US Department of the national Takata traffic safety will be Bags Bags calls for a national recall cars equipped with defective Takata driver’s side.

UPDATE 11/20 / 2014 , 5:35: the automotive industry, as well as officials coming from Takata, motorists pneumatic cushions defective wounded met for a meeting with Congress. He accused the NHTSA in which This particular does not respond quickly enough to put an airbag Takata, the automotive industry as well as also took heat for being slow with reforms. Even at This particular point, still remember the regional, nevertheless This particular seems only a matter of time before This particular will be covered country.

UPDATE 11/26 / 2014 , 1: 12:00: US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially demanded in which the payment of Takata during a national recall of cars equipped with airbags for the driver suspicious side. Also, Officials in Japan as well as calls for expanded recall, after the airbag of the vehicle will be defined not covered by the previous withdrawal of rupture within the test.

UPDATE 12/2 / 2014 , 5:45: Toyota as well as Honda have issued similar remarks as well as urged the meantime, the president of Takata said today in which This particular will create “a joint initiative industry-wide independent testing Takata inflatable airbag. ” “Quality assurance panel” to scrutinize the company’s production process. Takata officials said NHTSA as well as statements today before the US House of Representatives subcommittee on trade, manufacturing, as well as trade. NHTSA will be still pushing for the expansion at the national level of the airbag still remember the regional, nevertheless of air cushions side only defective driver. agency says call coming from coast to coast on the airbags passenger side will be not necessary . Such a summons on a large scale, say many, the pressure on the limited amount of spare parts within the most at-risk (read: wet). Regions of the country

UPDATE 12/3 / 2014 , 6:50: Takata executives, as well as coming from the NHTSA as well as many automakers, sat down again before Congress, as well as discuss how This particular went This particular nightmare situation without treatment for a long time, as well as how This particular can be fixed quickly as well as properly, as well as how This particular will be prevented coming from happening again. Honda nationwide recall expansion, as well as internal testing Takata high rates of failure has revealed

Update 04.12.2014, 10:25: Chrysler, Ford has expanded, as well as Toyota Takata pulling vehicles equipped with airbags.

Reload call Chrysler adds Airbag passenger side nearly 149,000 Ram 2003 pickups (1500.2500 as well as 3500), which was already part of the driver side airbag call. Regional remains reminders, including trucks “sold or ever recorded in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi as well as Texas as well as US territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, as well as the Virgin Islands.” Chrysler says This particular will be unaware of any accidents or injuries related to these inflatable airbag, as well as in which no failures have occurred within the laboratory tests. NHTSA has already said will be dissatisfaction step Chrysler: “The latest call Chrysler will be not enough, do not meet our demands, as well as the failure to include all of the inflatable report defect information Takata covered.”

call the extended Ford will be very similar to Chrysler, adding Airbag passenger side to the list of repair about 13,000 vehicles (Rangers coming from 2004 to 2005 as well as 2005-2006 GTS) are already engaged in regional Takata remembers. Ford will be more selective with the target sites: This particular covers vehicles “sold in origin, or registered than ever before, in Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, as well as the US Virgin Islands. This particular adds some zip codes with the conditions of high absolute humidity in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana as well as Texas, Guam, Saipan, as well as American Samoa. ”


Toyota some 190,000 cars in China, Japan, as well as many of them along the lines of the United States vehicle market for the company listed below

UPDATE 2014/12/05, 15:15: announced Honda addition of 3 million vehicles on the list of the affected cars -as well as also mentions This particular will be at This particular point at the national level. Read more about This particular evolution in This particular story

UPDATE 12/18 / 2014 , 10:50: Ford has to expand the breadth little for Takata airbags for the driver side, referring to the nearly 450,000 vehicle for all the fort as well as GTS- to the list. (Rangers are part of a separate action.) Also This particular expanded Mazda’s little evidence in which the country will be for the period 2004 to 2008 Mazda 6 as well as RX-8 vehicle, taking his tally of cars affected about 265,000. Also, Chrysler has recently added nearly 139,000 vehicles coming from the years 2003 to 2005 types to the regional call, which at This particular point includes areas not previously affected by the state of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi as well as Texas, as well as American Samoa, Guam, as well as Saipan. (As This particular will be at This particular point listed below 2006-2007 charger, compensation for omissions main menu outdated NHTSA’s .)

UPDATE 2014/12/19, 07:00: surrender to the demands of the NHTSA, as well as Chrysler greatly expanded recall at This particular point, at the national level in -by more than 2 million vehicles. There are quite a few products 2004-2007 design year, included below, as well as specifically called in This particular press Discharge , are summoned to inflate the airbag for the driver side replaced. The company announced in which only one injury related. According to Detroit Free Press , BMW at This particular point for the manufacture of the last cars (of several) of the steadfast demand for NHTSA to recall airbag country on the affected vehicles.

UPDATE 12/30 / 2014 , 10:00: BMW has added another 140,000 vehicles to the list at This particular point across the country in an airbag, remember, This particular This particular means in which all several major car manufacturers involved in This particular situation have abandoned regional remember. Also, This particular stepped up Takata President Stefan Stocker down coming from the presidency Takata, as well as senior executives agreed to take the company to make major cuts in wages .

UPDATE 2015/01/20, 4: 00 pm: six members of the Commission, including the one who oversaw the ownership of Cerberus Chrysler- will join the independent review panel to consider Takata manufacturing operations as well as recommend best practices to become one of the largest -ever remember cars. Transportation as well as former US Secretary (1989-1991) as well as Samuel K. Skinner Leadership Team

UPDATE 2015/02/11, 10:25: Takata Finally, increasing its ability to produce inflatable replace the airbag in its factories around the globe. By September, According to News , Takata will be able to make 900,000 units replace monthly. The upgrade assembly lines at a factory in Mexico will be already increasing the capacity of This particular plant coming from 300,000 units within the month to 450,000. At the same time, reports of people being seriously injured by the continued these defective airbags in which arise

UPDATE 2015/02/20, 04:10: face civil fines of Takata $ 14,000 per day for alleged refusal to cooperate with the federal investigation on these defective airbags. Supplier has provided a lot of paperwork to the NHTSA, nevertheless found the agency “a flood of documents” unsatisfactory

UPDATE 2015/03/12, 12:10: Honda announced in which This particular will be to establish a campaign voluntary advertising as well as urged the owners of Honda as well as Acura cars to make sure open airbag as well as safety pull in which may affect their car. See one of the ads as well as read more in our story

Update 19.03.2015, 02:25: Honda has added about 105,000 vehicles to the list little . These include nearly 0,000 pilots coming from the 2008 design year, as well as some of the 2004 National Education as well as 2001 agreements in which were previously not part of the recall. Our list below has been updated

UPDATE 2015/03/23, 01:40: , according to a brand new study , amazing as well as unnerving number of Americans will be obviously bothered to get these airbags can be deadly repaired. This particular indicated in which only 12 percent of all cars might have been repaired airbags Takata wrong within the United States. In Japan, on the contrary, the entire reform of the 70 percent of the 3 million cars under the call

UPDATE 2015/04/14, 02:30: has stated Honda the 2003 Civic driver was injured by the airbag tear during an accident in Florida on March 20.

UPDATE 2015/04/21, 10:15 am: in April as well as added another 45,000 Alohlaoah 2006 design to call the wide-ranging for Takata defective air bags. Owners will be notified via Fedex. Damaged cars, according to April, are those “or in which have already been recorded in Florida as well as neighboring counties in South Georgia at the present time; Hawaii. Guam. Puerto Rico. Saipan. American Samoa; US Virgin Islands. Coastal areas of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi as well as Texas.” This particular work was partially pay investigation into the March crash in Louisiana accident in which a woman wounded by shrapnel airbag including 2006 Sentra.

UPDATE 2015/05/13, 03:15: Toyota as well as Nissan announced a brand new activity as well as an expanded call to replace the potentially fatal Takata airbags in approximately 6.5 million vehicles around the globe. Affect the recall of nearly 1 million vehicles in North America. Toyota RAV4 (2004 as well as 2005) design, was not affected by these calls, This particular will be at This particular point on the list; This particular suggests some 0,000 Toyota types to replace the airbags for the driver of their own side. Added RAV4 our comprehensive list below

UPDATE 2015/05/19, 06:15: Takata announced in which This particular defective nearly 34 million vehicles , which will lead to pull even more comprehensive than vehicles with airbags for the company (as well as individual companies automakers details of private cars started out to pull within the very near future). In tests of suspect parts, also found Takata in which side air bags for the driver-within the 2003-2007 Toyota Corolla as well as Matrix types (plus the Pontiac Vibe, a twin of the Matrix), as well as coming from 2004 to 2007 Honda Accord, types are most at risk .

in a press conference today, Minister of Transport within the United States, Anthony Fox called for expanded call “the most complex call-safety as well as consumer within the history of the United States.” He added: “Even Takata far refused to admit in which the air bags in which are defective. in which day, “also, the company has agreed to pay to change large fines, the United States government for failing to cooperate within the investigation of many injuries as well as deaths; as well as will be announced on the exact amount at a later date

UPDATE 2015/05/20, 01:00: he unnamed sources Bloomberg to changed fuel Takata airbag in 2008 to curb the strong proliferation risks too much as well as treatment-related deterioration of moisture coming from the fuel.

UPDATE 2015/05/27, 10:00: Next Tuesday, June 2, a committee of the US House of Representatives will hold a hearing to follow up on the status of This particular ongoing situation. “I have endured years Takata lacerations as well as remember, as well as families still in danger. No excuses. He said Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R- Mich.) Michiganders, as well as all Americans, hold the right answers,” said in a statement. Listening within the last congressional session was held in December

UPDATE 2015/05/28, 10:00: Honda has added 259,479 vehicle to pull his tally within the Japanese market, According to 19,459,020 News . design years are affected coming from 2002 until 2008, which marks the very first time in which the 2008 Honda cars have been included in This particular recall huge airbag. Honda will soon announce additional airbag remember for the United States, which will be part of huge expansion call announced last week.

UPDATE 2015/05/28, 01:25 pm: have added Chrysler as well as Honda hundreds of thousands of compounds for their lists to call the US market. This particular after last week’s statement in which Takata 34 million total vehicles subject to the procedures . At This particular stage, Honda, saying only in which This particular might add nearly 350,000 vehicles to its list, despite the fact in which “most of the vehicles are considered vulnerable within the defect-Takata report report was already under the previous voluntary measures taken by Honda.”

Chrysler expands details of nearly 1.2 million of its cars in which were part of the announcement last week, many of which are coming from design years previously had not flagged. Accordingly, the following have been added to our list below: 2009-2010 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger 2008-2010 0.2009 to 2011 Dodge Dakota 0.2005 to 2010 Dodge Magnum (previously mentioned any bottles of This particular problem) 0.2009 Ram 2500 as well as 3500 , 2009-2010 Ram 4500 as well as 5500, as well as coming from 2008 to 2010 Mitsubishi Raider

update 05.28.2015, 05:00: Ford has added more than 900, 000 vehicle recalls for air bags list will be likely to be defective Takata. 2009-2014 Mustang as well as Ranger 2006 are the brand new additions to the list. Later the fort design, said the side of the driver airbags, are at This particular point the latest cars to be included in This particular work to call a wide incredible

UPDATE 2015/05/29, 06:25: GM at This particular point features a vehicle on a growing list below (along with the Pontiac Vibe built Toyota): This particular remembers the heavy examples coming from 2007 as well as 2008 Chevy Silverados as well as GMC Sierra. Also, four times Subaru doubled The number of vehicles subject to recall airbag because of This particular. Additions to the company’s entire 2004-2005 Imprezas

UPDATE 2015/06/02, 10:30: A will be scheduled for a hearing in Congress in This particular regard, to This particular day 2:00 we’ll cover the event throughout the afternoon. . . . .

Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles

Source: Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know, Including Full List of Affected Vehicles

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