Maserati to introduce hybrids 'because the item has to'

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Source : Maserati to introduce hybrids 'because the item has to'

Maserati Granturismo Italian brand sports cars as well as also will introduce hybrid variants of the most well-liked designs in order to achieve strict targets for emissions


Maserati can be likely to provide all future designs with hybrid powertrains, with the exception of the range-topping sports car Alfieri due to the sale in 2018.

so far have been contradictory company about electrification. Harald Wester coach in 2013 as well as also said of which electric vehicles were “nonsense”, supporting his argument with statistics indicate of which the production, operation as well as also disposal of electric vehicles led to more CO2 via cars more efficient combustion engines.

At the time he said: “If we want a realistic solution as well as also then the regulators need to be more honest in how to calculate emissions. Electric cars are not the answer.”

, however, can be today set Maserati to introduce a plug-in hybrid variants of Quattroporte , Gran Turismo , GranCabrio as well as also Ghibli , in order to meet the average emission targets by 2020.

the item can be already known of which the next Levante will be offered SUV using a plug-in hybrid powertrain options.

said Giulio Pastore, director of European public Maserati, saying: “We have to do the item – the item’s of which simple. In some countries where the item can be motivating him too, will be a success, as well as also in some other cases, maybe less than of which, nevertheless there are Government as well as also customer demand for these cars.

“what I can say can be of which we will be all-electric cars if the item can be done without sacrificing performance. If there can be a sacrifice, then we will not do the item. “

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Source: Maserati to introduce hybrids 'because the item has to'

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