Maserati Levante on sale in UK through £54,500

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Source : Maserati Levante on sale in UK through £54,500

Maserati Levante sales kickoff in June of This kind of year. the item is actually required to represent 50% of the sales of the carmaker’s fresh four-wheel-drive vehicles; hybrid option because of the 2018


Maserati Levante 2016 will start through £ 54 500 when the item goes on sale within the UK in June.

will for once are selling SUV Italian as a diesel style only, however Ferrari-built 3.0-liter gasoline engine V6 currently being considered within the UK market. A hybrid edition is actually also due to be added to the European market in 2018, as well as the item will likely be sold within the United Kingdom when they do.


Maserati at the cost of the fresh car starts within the stars concert in south-west London, where he confirmed which the fresh car will be the only SUV Maserati.

, the European managing director Giulio Pastore said Speaking to Autocar in an exclusive interview in order not to tread on the toes sister Fiat Chrysler car brands, as well as the item will maintain its current lineup, with the addition of Alfieri .

“We do not want to go down Porsche by creating smaller McCann SUV. We do not want to interfere with various other brands of the Federal Customs Authority, so we keep the Levante as our cars only SUV. ”


Pastore also said he expected through Levante to calculate the 50% of Maserati’s sales, however which the automaker wants to limit the total production of the group to 75,000 units annually. This kind of means which the auto industry hopes to sell 37,500 Levantes in 2018.

“the item is actually true which we want to reach the maximum of 75,000 cars in two years, as well as we believe which keep exclusive Maserati We must keep This kind of level. This kind of level is actually ideal for us to maintain a profit, as well as generate money to invest back into the company. ”

Pastore said which despite the fact which 75,000 cars were more than 10 times the annual sales of Maserati achieved only by half a decade the figure, the brand is actually not in danger of damaging the uniqueness. “There are millions as well as millions of cars within the globe. Nothing 75,000. Compare which to Porsche, who has grown for nearly 0,000] sales annually.”

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Source: Maserati Levante on sale in UK through £54,500

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