Mahindra to launch electric-only UK line-up

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Source : Mahindra to launch electric-only UK line-up



Formula E racer technology will help Mahindra cars on the roads in

Indian car maker will be the focus on electric vehicles within the United Kingdom, while owned by Mahindra-Ssangyong grows in scale product fueled traditionally

along with Mahindra to launch only the product of electrical attack within the United Kingdom over the coming years, starting e2o electric city car recently launched , followed closely by two wheels


Mahindra electrical coach Arvind Mathew: “We only select locations within the UK for electrical products, along with look at the United Kingdom we have a foothold in Europe we do not have any intention to sell the different cars . “

Mahindra to participate in Formula E race , he said, leading the way for the technology road car brand Matthew, with expectations for delivery to mainstream products within the next two to three years. While its presence in Formula E admitted which would certainly help the brand, he said Matthew was the main purpose of identifying synergies which can be leveraged in its cars.

while the company has identified electric strategy only within the United Kingdom, said Anand Mahindra Mahindra coach Ssangyong , owned by the company, along with which was an important pillar of the group. “There will be a great pipeline [products Ssangyong] are expected each year a brand-new product for four to several next years,”


Mahindra cars commander Pravin Shah: “There are no concrete plans for the introduction of the internal combustion engines to the United Kingdom under the brand commercial Mahindra. We are very pleased with the brand Ssangyong within the United Kingdom along with the latest product, Tivoli , have been received very well. “


Mahindra was” very skeptical “when which comes to engines All over the planet. “The Mahindra demonstrate the ability to provide a variety of engines,” he said, refer to the concept Pininfarina owned Mahindra, along with H2 speed, as shown in Geneva show an example of the scope.

in India, Mahindra has 20 passenger cars, which usually feed, with the exception of the Indian product E20.

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Source: Mahindra to launch electric-only UK line-up

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