Luxury Car Ferrari F430 (2009) Review For A Luxury Car

Monday, February 8th, 2016 - Ferrari

Ferrari F430 (2009) is the car from Italy. This car is one of luxury cars that have two seats. People choose this car not because of the performance of this car only. There are many aspects that makes this car is chosen. If you want to have a car to go somewhere, you can choose this car if you want to feel how luxurious the car is. Therefore, before you come to the car showroom, you can see the Ferrari F430 (2009) review. By see the review, you will more be interested to buy this car because the car’s review says that this car is the best choices you must decide.


Ferrari F430 02

Ferrari F430 Types

Ferrari F430 (2009) review says if the car looks exotic but fast in riding. The assembly building in Maranello, Italy makes this car as far good as people’s dream to have a luxury car that brings him or her and the couple with the car and feel enjoy being on the car. The design is better from the previous car’s series, before F430: it is Ferrari 360. In the car, you see the good quality of aluminum chassis that cover the car from the body and the door, too. Therefore, the designs do not look aggressive, but it is used to make the car looks as soft as like as the feeling when you ride the car. For F430 itself, you can find some models to be chosen. There is f430 Spider, F430 Scudery, F430 challenge, and much more. Each model is different so you should choose the Ferrari F430 that suits your taste.

Ferrari F430 12

Ferrari F430 Engine

Ferrari F430 (2009) review engine is good enough to be known. You can have soft riding that can be fast quickly when you use this car. The car use 4.3 L petrol engine in V8. The car reaches the horsepower up to 490 and can rate in 366 kW. The car’s rpm is 8500 with 343 lbt-ft.  By those, it accelerates 62 mph in 3.7 second.


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