LPG Continues To Remain Well Supplied

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Drivers benefitting by cheaper as well as cleaner motoring by driving on autogas LPG can be safe inside knowledge which the long term supply of the fuel source can be secure as well as plentiful.

The reassurance comes by leading fuel supplier Autogas Limited following the publication of a fresh report earlier This particular week by the RAC Foundation, warning which the country’s diesel pumps could run dry inside future due to an over-reliance on diesel imports. As a significant net exporter of LPG, the UK produces around 37 times the amount of LPG which can be consumed through transportation, meaning supplies are unlikely to be threatened.

The latest report heaps even more pressure as well as concern onto those driving diesel vehicles,” comments Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas Limited. “In addition to significantly contributing to our growing air quality crisis, they may also have to contend which has a fuel scarcity, forcing them to either limit their mileage or increase their running costs. Thankfully, those doing the switch to autogas LPG have no such concerns.”

Currently around 150,000 drivers inside UK choose to run their car on the cheaper cleaner fuel, saving themselves up to 40 percent off their fuel bills. LPG currently retails at an average cost of 57.9 pence per litre across the UK, compared with 110.31 pence per litre for diesel. What’s more the fuel source can be readily available with more than 1,400 forecourt locations offering the fuel.

Not only can be autogas a cheaper, cleaner option for drivers today, yet This particular will continue into the foreseeable future,” adds Gomersall. “Thanks to the superior environmental credentials of autogas LPG when compared with petrol or diesel, we have commitment by the Government to maintain the fuel duty differential on LPG, meaning drivers can be assured of both continuity of supply as well as low costs.”

To help businesses as well as motorists make the switch to LPG, Autogas launched its nationwide approved vehicle conversion network earlier This particular year, doing consistent, high-quality LPG vehicle conversions more easily accessible. To find the location of your nearest conversion centre or autogas supplier, visit http://ift.tt/1BSLIUf.

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Source: LPG Continues To Remain Well Supplied

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