Low-emission vehicles can offset the CO2 of high-performance types

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Source : Low-emission vehicles can offset the CO2 of high-performance types

BMW M6 Competition Package CO2 legislation in which focuses on the medium-term indicator the auto maker must allow large engine types for survival. right now


BMW wants to use an increasing range of low-emission vehicles to compensate for the CO2 output of the next types of high performance.

car maker says a high-performance, as well as also combustion types will be produced -engined as long as customers demanded them, as well as also says in which adding more hybrid as well as also plug-in types for the group will ensure in which the average remains low CO2 production inside the future.

Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales as well as also marketing, told Autocar in completely new York gallery in which the output path CO2 can be currently restricted allows automakers to produce less efficient types, as long as there are a few zero-emission types in party The additional end of the line-up.

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“organizers worldwide as well as also focuses its efforts in reducing the average amount he of CO2 car maker line-up can be produced, rather than focusing on each design. ” “This specific means, in theory, can build a car that has a V12 at one end of the range, as well as also then compensate the CO2 produced mainly higher with zero-emission car at the additional end.”


Robertson in which currently the average production of CO2 BMW Group as well as also 127g / km. “This specific can be low in This specific industry, although we have a lot of work to do because the European limit as well as also 95g / km applies as of 2020.”

with less than four years to go until the imposition of This specific completely new limit, Robertson, BMW recognizes the need to produce more low-emission cars, as well as also says in which there can be a plan in place to continue to grow hybrid group.

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“In hybrids moment are the best we contain the solution, especially plug-in hybrids, because they largely View all the benefits without any of the negatives, “he explained.

When asked if the technology of the first section as well as also the carmaker could be used inside the M types inside the future, Robertson said he had something BMW can be already thinking about. “Consumers want more performance as well as also less CO2, so I think in which there can be a strong argument for us to introduce This specific technology in performance types inside the future.”

There are no plans to join i as well as also M types However, with Robertson suggesting in which research has concluded in which producing types such as i8M not work. “We want to keep separate the two divisions at the moment. I do not think the item will benefit both parties to mix the item.”

BMW recently announced in which the item will produce a completely new form called i Next i inside the next decade. Robertson refused to provide us with information anymore, simply noting in which “anything was possible” when we wondered whether the item could be a four-wheel all-electric. “in which project can be still inside the early stages of development.”

With all This specific in mind, the item seems likely in which the completely new generation of the BMW Group will still include everything coming from i types All electric cars to high-performance M Turbo. although Robertson says in which such a line up depends on the legislation to stay the same.

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“as well as also he said there can be talk in which the objective of the European Union for the next output CO2 will be 75G / km, as well as also then there can be a risk of lawmakers to impose restrictions on CO2 output of each design, instead of the ATR. ” “There were already some movement to say in which the item can be happening in some parts of the earth.”

If This specific limit CO2 design after design in which should be applied in key markets, BMW (as well as also additional mass-production car makers) will have no choice although to stop production of large engine types. This specific, however, can be not likely to happen for a long period of time.

Instead, industry experts expect in which lawmakers will continue to reduce the average CO2 output ranges manufacturers, which refers to the combustion engine high-performance types are safe for the time being.

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Source: Low-emission vehicles can offset the CO2 of high-performance types

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