Lotus Evora 400 Roadster to launch in 2017

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Source : Lotus Evora 400 Roadster to launch in 2017

Lotus Evora 400 Roadster


This particular picture shows how exposed Autocar Lotus Evora 400 can seem like a copy

Roadster hotter Evora inside the works, with 400bhp as well as rigid structure like the coupe in

copy Roadster Lotus Evora 400 will be launched in 2017, has revealed its president, Jean-marc storms, as well as can be likely to account for more than half the company’s sales in America.

The fresh product will be followed by the introduction of the 400bhp V6-powered Evora 400 coupe, which went into production last summer.

“We are working on the idea currently,” said storms inside the past year Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​.


storms, the Evora 400 to lose any structural rigidity when converted through a coupe to a convertible, due to the design of the structure, extruded as well as bonded aluminum tub.

, “the idea’s faster to build,” said Lotus boss. “Structure can be the pelvis, so there can be no impact with the roof off.”

will take a bike Evora roof consists of two removable panels removable weighing 3KG each. The panels can be stored on board as well as behind the front seats.

says storms as well as torsional rigidity of the Centeng 27,000Nm / grade as well as weight of 1395kg can not be compromised by the change, because the roof of the coupe can be not currently adds rigidity.

“the idea’s so simple to make you wonder why This particular does not happen six years ago,” said Storms, referring to the original launch of Evora.

storms, which led the product during its development, said bicycle Evora can be critical for the company inside the United States in particular, where half of all sports cars in Evora as well as exposed sector. Lotus believes of which the bicycle follow This particular trend, as well as represent more than 50% of Evora sales inside the United States. Storms expects sales of between 500 as well as 700 cars per year.

can be expected otherwise Evora bike to fit the specifications of the 400 coupe Evora, including super V6 3.5 liter.

the idea can be well known of which the convertible Evora has been delayed because Lotus wants coupe-style launch for the 1st time inside the United States before adding a copy Roadster.

Speaking to Autocar at the Geneva Motor Show, storms revealed of which Lotus “system banks are fuller currently than the idea was at any time inside the past six years. He said Lotus can make a profit through the sale of 2000 cars a year, as well as of which the company will reach of which inside the 2016/17 tax year.

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Source: Lotus Evora 400 Roadster to launch in 2017

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