London Taxi Company will bring EV design in late 2017

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Source : London Taxi Company will bring EV design in late 2017

London Taxi Company electric taxi to keep up legislation TFL, LTC next design will be extended-range electric car


the London Taxi company (LTC) to launch the first black taxi powered by electricity in late 2017, before the transfer of legislation for London (TFL) of which all brand-new taxis must be “capable of zero emissions.”


Earlier reports mixed design, nevertheless the brand-new taxi depends on the electrical set-up extending like a lot of Vauxhall Ampera along with BMW I3 range extender . News follows the story in Autocar’s , the extended range delivery , which will be built along with the brand-new car fare design.

are still details under close wraps before revealed in late the next car, nevertheless revealed to the Autocar in London gallery of which the design will be the vehicle electric-powered engine with an enlarged gasoline term.


TFL introduce legislation “zero-emission capable” on January 1, 2018, although the electric taxi brand-new production will begin as soon as the work can be finished in a factory specifically due to This specific brand-new purpose LTC in Coventry later This specific year.

LTC silent about the exact details of the taxi EV, saying only of which the group “comfortably exceed the requirements.” The final figure will be determined when the test concludes.


CEO of LTC Peter Johansen further insight, saying of which only one fill-up per day are needed to gasoline generator scaling. “The taxi driver will do 150-0 miles in one day, so the idea can be of which the driver of Top-up once during the day along that has a full day to travel on electric power.”

Johansen also explained the need for a range extender EV instead of the conventional battery, citing times for recharging along with the lack of infrastructure, fast-charge of the factors of which contributed to the lack of consensus of which traditional EV battery with the use of a taxi. along with also revealed of which since Geely – which also owns Volvo – got a taxi company in London in 2013, This specific has been the goal of the President of Geely Li Shufu to build a taxi electrified

Johansen also pointed out of which the investment the current infrastructure can be not enough to meet demand, along with of which limited resources mean the plan to introduce 150 fast trucks to London has been reduced to a mere 75.

as Johansen believes of which the brand-new powertrain will go down well with the cabbies in London. “The taxi drivers are very very excited, along with I’m talking to many them regularly, along with they can not wait to have a brand-new car fare to take the green initiative,” he said.

like This specific or not, will the cabbies have no choice nevertheless to adopt the LTC design range enlarged once takes legislation TFL place at the beginning of 2018.

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Source: London Taxi Company will bring EV design in late 2017

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