London most congested city in world

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Source : London most congested city in world

London congestion London will be the city’s most crowded inside entire world, according to a fresh report, with drivers wasting an average of 101 hours a stalemate in 2015 [19459004recordperformanceproducedbytrafficintelligencecompanyINRIXanalysisofmorethan100citiesallovertheworldwhichrevealingLondonthecapitalofthestalemateintheworldforthesecondyearinarow


across the UK, motorists spent an average of 30 hours on average inside past year delay, consistent with 2014.

Results also showed in which congestion was slightly higher at 11 18 metropolitan areas inside United Kingdom in 2015, compared with 14 in 2014. the largest increase outside London was in Belfast, where drivers sit idle for 38 hours, affected by the road works on the M2 as a result of a plan to improve roads.


Birmingham, the largest decline in traffic delays, a decrease of 2.5 hours per year, which may be due to the completion of the roadworks on the M6 ​​projects in addition to redevelopment inside city center.

roads Britain’s busiest

According to INRIX in addition to roads of London was the busiest during the middle of the week inside rush hour with the A217 experiencing most of the congestion inside country, delaying motorists through 110 hours – 26 hours more than the next worst roads, the A215 through Camberwell to Croydon.

outside the capital, in addition to This particular was along the a few miles through the A8 Edinburgh’s busiest road with drivers spending an average of 43 hours a dead end.

Despite the bleak outlook largely for keen drivers in addition to passengers, in addition to the United Kingdom in sixth place inside European rankings, in addition to get a place of last year’s arrangement as a result of Switzerland, inside presence of high levels of the movement.

Belgium remains the most highly complex country in Europe, with the drivers stuck in traffic for 44 hours on average.

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Source: London most congested city in world

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