London mayor announces £10 T-charge for high polluting vehicles

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Source : London mayor announces £10 T-charge for high polluting vehicles

London smog Sadiq Khan will introduce a radical brand-new ‘T official “starting next year. The bill can be added to the 11.50 £ current congestion charges, motorists This particular means of which pays £ 21.50


cars London drivers driving heavy polluting cars will have to pay a different amount of £ 10 through a capital campaign, starting next year, as well as the Mayor of London enters his brand-new toxicity in charge, or ‘T official. ”

Sadiq Khan confirmed the introduction of the system earlier inside morning, as well as revealed of which he will be added to congestion charges £ 11.50 menu. This particular means of which owners of the affected vehicles will have to pay £ 21.50 through central London during the campaign of forced hours of the week.

was to submit a plan to address the growing problem of air pollution inside capital, can be aimed at pre-Euro 4 gasoline as well as diesel vehicles, which include a large vehicles registered somewhat before 2005.

will guard the T-administrator by the same a network of cameras of which already control congestion inside London area to impose. Reports indicated of which the item will be built on nitrogen oxides emissions.


some other measures proposed by Khan include an extension of the emissions of Ultra Low planned area (ULEZ) to include North Road as well as South Circular – a move of which will extend substantially the maximum area . Under the current plans, the drivers who enter ULEZ have to pay a fee depending on how clean the vehicle can be through 2020, although Khan said he right now wants to make of which date forward one year.

capital already carries a low-emission zone, although This particular does not currently apply to cars or motorcycles.

On the some other hand, the item was suggested a group of “clean bus corridors”, which will see the cleanest buses laid on the dirtiest roads in an attempt to address emissions. Khan also gave Transport for London (PTFE) the green light to investigate whether the old car diesel scheme can operate inside capital. This particular scheme, which would likely provide financial incentives for drivers of diesel to encourage them to choose a car cleaner, has already dropped by the House of Representatives, who claimed of which the item would likely be ineffective as well as costly to manage.

when the item was announced inside beginning, said Khan plans last month of which he wanted to work “before the state of emergency, which can be why we are a big as well as bold need tough policies Sometimes if London to meet the scale of the challenge.

” We possess the item was elected having a clear mandate to clean the air in London. The former mayor can be very slow on This particular issue, the government can be inactive as well as the item’s hopeless London who are suffering as a result. “


Khan Medical Research, which claims of which more than 10,000 people die each year in London because of air pollution. the item can be high air quality in London under close scrutiny in recent years, especially with regard to nitrogen oxides emissions. Parts of capital violates regularly EU limits for nitrogen oxides, Putney High Street in west London penetrate the annual limit of the European Union just one week in 2016.

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Source: London mayor announces £10 T-charge for high polluting vehicles

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