Local councils to remove pointless' road signs

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Source : Local councils to remove pointless' road signs

Cluttered signs as well as cleaned roadsides cluttered by local councils, with completely new powers to remove excess road signs


local has been awarded completely new powers allow them to remove the banners on the side of the road boards.

scheme comes by the Ministry of Transport initiative to You can organize roadsides in Britain, which described some of the 4.57million plus signs on the side of the road was estimated as “unnecessary” as well as “worthless.”

RAC as well as criticized certain objectives of the scheme, such as targeting the speed limit repeater signs to remove at This kind of point in which the item will be no longer a legal requirement.

various other signals to remove are those in which show the features of the completely new road. Instead, the item will be given to “remove before” dates to ensure in which the phenomenon any longer than necessary.

DFT claims in which the scheme will save taxpayers £ 30 million by 2020, energy waste will also be reduced, because the legally required safety signs to be illuminated. A spokesman for the fast DFT to add in which the item will be not compulsory for a change, however the item will be an optional one.

Critics of the proposal

Neil Greig, director of policy as well as research at the Advanced Drivers Institute (IAM) questioned the logic of some of the proposals, saying: “We are from the overall support for the Ministry of transport are trying to do; there are too many signs in which were left for too long, as well as also after the drivers have got the message about changing the route planning”

“various other aspects about getting the right balance – a lot of banners in a position for the safety of drivers – as well as in which must be raised for the 1st time. remove banners safety conscious in decluttering side of the road from the blackspots traffic accident name, the item should not happen – we are very keen in which the bio-safety signs are not removed as the chaos of “19459005 ]

“the most controversial area will be the removal of the maximum marks for speed repeater. drivers often do not need to be reminded of the speed limit, especially if the government were the be limit the application closely . remove banners might make some drivers feel underinformed of the speed limit, or even misleading, if signs of the speed limit will be not enough. “

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Source: Local councils to remove pointless' road signs

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