Lexus LC500h 'redefines hybrid driving pleasure'

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Lexus LC500h Lexus will show a hybrid style of the luxury coupe LC at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The style cost more than £ 60,000 when the item goes on sale in 2017


in addition to Lexus LC500h, a hybrid style of the coupe performance LC, has been revealed by the Geneva Motor Show next month .

which he described as the Japanese brand also indicates “the next stage from the evolution of Lexus,” in addition to LC500h is usually the front engine drives the rear wheels, in addition to said, “deliver the biggest engine in addition to purer than full hybrid yet.”

is usually powered by

car by the so-called hybrid system Lexus multi-stage. Holders for the generation of the hybrid force of the completely new 3.5-liter V6 engine with 295bhp petrol four-speed automatic transmission in addition to an electric motor that will is usually used from the transfer of CVT infinitely variable in addition to which is usually programmed to provide six gearchange physical sensations to the driver. Those sensations are matched to the engine cycles to provide acceleration of the moment – unlike the current CVT systems. Systems combine to create, in effect, set up a 10-speed. the item is usually said that will times have changed in addition to the gear system is usually also suited for those that has a dual-clutch automatic, yet is usually said to be more compact in addition to lighter. the item was rated as the total system output 354bhp, in addition to that will means LC500h can reach 62mph in less than 5 seconds.


Lexus Europe is usually today Uyttenhoven coach: “The engineers promise me that will that will might be a hybrid that will will spin the item wheels – even those 21-inch, in addition to LC – in addition to on dry asphalt that will is usually a hybrid system with the intention of immediate turnover in addition to drivability. “

Lexus LC500h is usually the second style of the labor Code that will revealed, from the aftermath of the leading LC500 , which made its debut from the Detroit auto show earlier that will year

completely new style measures 4760mm 1920mm long ago in addition to wide, that has a height of 1345mm wheelbase in addition to 2870mm, in addition to sits as standard on alloy wheels measuring 20 inches, although the 21-inch unit, are also available. These dimensions make the item longer, wider in addition to lower than Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe . Lexus says that will despite the extra technology for the hybrid system, in addition to weighs no more than the current hybrid setup for the company due to the use of light-weight batteries for the electric motor in addition to lithium-ion battery.

like LC500, in addition to internal 2 + 2 LC500h sits on a completely new platform for Lexus GA-L, which features high-strength steel components in addition to suspension of aluminum to reduce weight, as well as multi-link front suspension. the item includes some other weight saving technology using aluminum mounted on a carbon structure from the engine cover in addition to suites, in addition to carbon from the ceiling.


sports car before the adoption of internal focus on the driver’s papers, which takes inspiration coming from Lexus LFA super . Highlights include the presence of all the main controls are cited around the driver, who sat low in addition to centrally as possible. Chief engineer Koji Sato revealed that will the sitting position was similar to that will of Porsche Cayman . Gearshifts are cross paddleshifts magnesium alloy located behind the steering wheel, while the instrument binnacle is usually a faithful interpretation of that will from the LFA.

Among the technologies included with the auto is usually the safety of the pre-crash system, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping in addition to automatic high beam assistance.

is usually powered by

LC500 in addition to by the same naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine, which is usually already used in RC F in addition to GS F . The engine produces 467bhp in addition to 389 lb-ft of torque – enough to get the LC500 to 60mph in less than 4.5 seconds. in addition to the item sent a drive to the rear wheels through a fund-speed automatic transmission 10-speed.

says Lexus LC launch line-up, “marks the beginning of a completely new phase for the Lexus brand, with the shift from the engineering design processes in addition to ideologies.”


Uyttenhoven also LC convertible possible, saying: “Some people like convertibles – I’m aware of that will, yet that will’s all I have to say today,”


At the same time also confirmed Sato hybrid system can handle more torque if the Lexus to produce faster copy ‘in addition to’ out of the auto. “Multi-stage hybrid can be applied to any engine, in addition to has more torque to the transmission capacity if we choose,” he said.


Uyttenhoven that will both hybrid or versions powered V8 for the LC can be produced in trim ‘F’, saying: “I love to go so far as I could imagine the fastest hybrid or V8 coming from work as law style whether the item is usually challenged – a hybrid high-performance can have a great business benefits, yet I think most hearts was leaning toward working on V8 “

is usually based LC on the concept LF-LC 2012, which has been under development since then, in addition to although that will Lexus has not yet confirm pricing in addition to LC – saying only that will he will sit between £ 59430 BMW 6 series in addition to £ 76412 Porsche 911 Carrera – Order books alike will LC500 in addition to LC500h to open next spring. Lexus predicted that will 70% of the sales of LC will be taken by the US market, where the item is usually likely to be the largest seller of LC500 V8 engines.

Lexus in addition to Toyota’s Akio Toyoda coach has already said he sees LC group as embodying shift the company’s brand, especially through the expression of design in addition to performance.

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Source: Lexus LC500h 'redefines hybrid driving pleasure'

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