Lewis Hamilton on danger, V12s along with the Mercedes-AMG GT R

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Source : Lewis Hamilton on danger, V12s along with the Mercedes-AMG GT R

Lewis Hamilton along with Tobias Moers with the Mercedes-AMG GT R We caught up with the most famous Merc employee on the launch of a completely new AMG GT R


Lewis Hamilton can be a brave man. He F1 driver, after all, with or promotion of an apartment along with clean up barriers within the 150mph are just an integral part of his working day part.

yet surprisingly, even a man of his status can be searched for along with the courage of others.

“When I see Nikki Lauda], along with I just think he’s like a legend,” says Hamilton. “He comes by a time when people are still dying every year. Today the safety of big, yet I expect which will be the danger can be always there, because otherwise anyone can do the idea. which’s what separates the men by the boys.”

Love Hamilton means the risk of his great respect for the riders of motorcycles. Biker himself, he admits, “even ride on the highway can be scary. yet they do crazy quickly.”

When asked if he could ever see himself within the MotoGP race, Hamilton explains which probably the only sport which can top F1 for the thrill factor. “Once which drive the F1 car, every additional car can be a step down,” he explains.

Even so, Hamilton said trade speed figure. He admits the noise of the F1 cars today can be not particularly exciting, along with remembers his first experience of F1 back when because of the noise can be almost 11 years old was purely. “I remember going past Schumacher with V10s. Noise vibrated through the stomach.

” I think which my favorite engines in V12s “, he adds,” using a manual gearbox. I love which pushed within the late ’80s with Sina. “

Love Hamilton’s V12s extends to cars on the road for him. He owns famous for Mercedes Pagani Zonda , says the noise was a major factor within the choice of

His next purchase V12 – or more likely engines, a gift by Mercedes – could be a completely new AMG GT R . he revealed behind the meeting room we sat within the circuit basest of Mercedes World at Brooklands, along with the automobile which focus on sports track contains a copy in a very tense than normal GT dual image turbocharged V8 engine. the idea produces 577bhp.

“I think the idea’s bloody wonderful,” Hamilton, smiling. “you will not get the” beast mode “on cars on the roads like This kind of. the idea looks stunning. “

Of course, as an employee of Mercedes Hamilton might expect to have which opinion. yet I possess the impression which he can be definitely excited about the automobile.

” I want to work with Mercedes on the next one, “he says . “I’ve already told the President of AMG] Tobias [Morse] ‘you’ve got a world champion along with all This kind of technology F1, let’s make This kind of work.”

“maybe we can produce AMG special GT LH Edition, “he laughs.

along with Lewis Hamilton spec AMG GT? Sounds bloody exciting for me. You heard the idea here first …

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Source: Lewis Hamilton on danger, V12s along with the Mercedes-AMG GT R

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