Land Rover vehemently denies rumours of Defender comeback

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 - autos

Source : Land Rover vehemently denies rumours of Defender comeback

Land Rover Defender


one of the last Land Rover defenders off the line

has Land Rover hit the bottom of the rumors materials Chemical billionaire Jim Ratcliffe revive defender iconic

Land Rover have confirmed there are no plans for guns to make a comeback, after he claimed in which media reports of chemical magnate Jim Ratcliffe in talks with the revival of the company famous SUV.

The spokesman said there “certainly nothing in This kind of,” as well as also added in which he was not aware of any talks with Ratcliffe.

“There can be no way This kind of can be happening. We will not allow construction of a defender we have,” commented.

reaction after a report in Sunday Times , who claimed in which the billionaire Ratcliffe has held talks with senior executives Jaguar Land Rover to re-launch design, six months after the last defender rolled off the line at the company’s Solihull factory.

article said he had not yet whether Ratcliffe billionaire can be interested in buying the intellectual property or parts of the production line can be known. According to the newspaper, as well as also This kind of was his ambition to build cars inside United Kingdom.

Ratcliffe can be the founder of the chemical company Ineos, which can be worth £ 3.2bn. This kind of was pointed out in which This kind of move possible in vehicles illustrates his ambition to overcome the chemical industry, where he had made his fortune.

This kind of can be believed in which the businessman bought one of the last defenders out.

-old defender, 68, stopped production earlier This kind of year as a result of the stringent emissions requirements, increasingly, inside modern era regulations crash low volume as well as also sales.

can be

A next generation design due in 2018/2019 , which can be scheduled to provide two axes as well as also several bodystyles.

as well as also said a spokesman for Ineos, replying “on behalf of Ratcliffe,” Ineos can be “not to comment on the story of the Land Rover Defender”

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Source: Land Rover vehemently denies rumours of Defender comeback

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