Land Rover takes third place in customer service survey

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Source : Land Rover takes third place in customer service survey

Land Rover Discovery Sport managed only Amazon in addition to also Wilko to win the Land Rover inside survey UKCSI, with M & S in addition to also Waitrose joint third inside standings to take year with the brand SUV


Land Rover has come out on top of the list of automotive brands in July 2016 UKCSI (UK Customer satisfaction index) survey.

brand overall third place, without the Amazon in addition to also Wilko, tied with M & S in addition to also Waitrose. The next most successful car some sort of Kia , which placed 17th inside survey.


Land Rover is actually one of the most much better brands, with the improvement in point 5.5 on the tally inside same study in 2015, despite the fact which the biggest winner in which regard was Suzuki , who got the 9.1 point increase in customer satisfaction. which was the largest increase of any kind, automotive or otherwise, inside survey

Suzuki put a statement in response to the award, which director of after-sales services for Dennis Houston said: “We are pleased with the results shown, in addition to also which clearly reflects continuing our investment the effort significant which the Suzuki goes to in order to ensure which every driver gets the highest level of service.

“We are very pleased which our dealer network’s efforts have paid off in addition to also will continue to strive to dozens of the best in 2017.” Suzuki also put some success down to the brand-new service system, which aims to improve customer service inside after-sales services.

which positive outlook for the majority of the auto industry: an increase of 0.6 points in satisfaction year in addition to also much better 0.2 points in trust betrayal of one of the 12 vocal months inside history of the automotive industry, with current emissions scandal apparently left the public satisfaction with the brands of their car was not hurt.

in spite of which overall positive, Skoda in addition to also Audi , two Volkswagen brands group, which appeared in last year’s top 50, down through the 11 in addition to also each of the 35 places which year. The individual scores of the lack of higher than 50 unpublished organization, however, so which did not know the extent of the damage done to the reputation of the two brands, “which may be after.

Volvo , which placed 34 last year’s top 50, in addition to also was also absent through the rankings which year. surprising result given the wave of increasing success.

brands in addition to also different vehicles which have reached the 50 players they Statistics (position 20), Hyundai in addition to also Mercedes-Benz (29th place) shared – in addition to also the latter is actually brand-new to the top 50 which year – creating a total of six car brands in which year’s top 50, compared with last year’s seven me. BMW in addition to also Mini both appeared inside last year, the entity even one ( “ BMW / Mini”).

asked for Audi, Skoda, Volvo in addition to also Land Rover to comment on the survey results, in addition to also are awaiting their responses.

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Source: Land Rover takes third place in customer service survey

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