Land Rover is actually top car maker in customer service survey

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Source : Land Rover is actually top car maker in customer service survey

Land Rover Discovery Sport Amazon in addition to also Wilko only managed to win the Land Rover from the survey UKCSI, as M & S in addition to also Waitrose take joint third generally with the brand SUV


Land Rover has come out on top of the list of automotive brands in July 2016 UKCSI (UK Customer satisfaction index) survey.

brand placed third below Amazon in addition to also Wilko, tied with M & S in addition to also Waitrose. The next most successful car any Kia , which placed 17th from the survey.


Land Rover is actually one of the most much better brands, with the improvement in point 5.5 on the tally from the same study in 2015, despite the fact in which the biggest winner in This kind of regard was Suzuki , who got the 9.1 point increase in customer satisfaction. This kind of was the largest increase of any kind, automotive or otherwise, from the poll.


Suzuki issued a statement in response to the award, which director of after-sales services for Dennis Houston said: “We are pleased with the results showed, in addition to also This kind of clearly reflects continuing our investment a great effort in which the Suzuki goes to in order to ensure in which every driver gets at the highest level of service.

“We are very pleased in which our dealer network’s efforts paid off, in addition to also will continue to strive to dozens of the best in 2017.” also put Suzuki had some success down to the fresh service, which aims to improve customer service service system aftermarket

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Land Rover, with the Director of Jaguar Land Rover from the United Kingdom General Jeremy Hicks commented: “obviously we are delighted with the result in addition to also we continue to strive to provide the product experience in addition to also excellent ownership for all our customers.”

outlook positive thing for the majority of the auto industry: a rise of 0.6 points in satisfaction year in addition to also much better by 0.2 points from the confidence one betrayal than 12 months vocal from the history of the automotive industry, with current emissions scandal left apparently public satisfaction with the brands of their car uninjured .

in spite of This kind of overall positive, Skoda in addition to also Audi , two brands Volkswagen group, which appeared in last year’s top 50, They dropped out of the 11 places each in addition to also the 35th This kind of year. Dozens of individual for not higher than 50 organizations have not been published, however, so he is actually not yet known to what extent the two brands reputation has fallen.

Volvo , which put 34 on last year’s top 50, in addition to also was also absent coming from the rankings This kind of year. The result of a surprise given the increasing wave of success. Volvo remained optimistic despite the results, issued the following statement:

“Results Volvo in a survey of satisfaction 2016 UK Customer 2016 disappointing as all measures of progress against key focus for customer satisfaction area is actually important. yet using a lot of votes different available for the experience of our customers, often with different results to a large extent, we focus on a few of the surveys in which we follow consistently with the passage of time. international survey after-sales customer satisfaction (IACS), a joint survey in most parts of automotive brands represented from the UK in addition to also internationally is actually the main criterion, as is actually their own internal our barometer, which includes more than 40,000 Volvo surveys specific year. both show improvement on an annual basis, while not complacent, in addition to also we see steady progress from the Volvo customer experience obtain. “

brands in addition to also various other vehicles in which have reached the 50 players they Statistics (position 20), Hyundai in addition to also Mercedes-Benz ( Center the 29 subscribers) – the latter is actually fresh to the top 50 This kind of year – creating a total of six car brands from the top 50 This kind of year compared with last year’s seven. BMW in addition to also Mini both appeared from the last year, even if one entity ( “ BMW / Mini”).

Audi in addition to also Skoda has yet to respond to a request for comment on the results.

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Source: Land Rover is actually top car maker in customer service survey

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