Land Rover Defender thefts up by 69% as values rise

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Source : Land Rover Defender thefts up by 69% as values rise

Land Rover Defender last ever SUV, theft as well as exported abroad at an alarming rate stopped. Encouraged owners to enhance security


as well as Land Rover guns has become a target for thieves at that will point have ended production, with claims of stolen as well as increase the auto by 69% in recent months in North Yorkshire.


police a large proportion of the defenders of the theft being shipped as well as sold abroad, to meet growing demand after production design stopped for more than two months. Currently being urged owners to raise the security level hardware on their cars

is usually not supposed to slow down any time soon, because the design transition to modern classics led to skyrocketing that will boom in crime Values ​​- millionth car two sold for $ £ 400,000 in December 2015 – while insurance claims for defenders to steal more than £ 750,000 from the north-east from the past 12 months

Sergeant Nick Hill, police Stokesley, commented on that will in earlier that will year, adding that will high-tech criminal gangs as well as guns bypass standard security systems. “the item seems Organization of criminals groups specifically targeting the make as well as design of car,” he said. “The most worrying for us is usually that will obviously these thieves have knowledge of security-equipped factory that will car special electrical systems.”


local police forces recommendations for employers to reduce the chances of their vehicles being stolen, with Sergeant Hill offers his own advice: “Consideration of the installation as well as based security system bouquet as well as a track marking as well as drilling all the windows with your vehicle identification number.”

believe that will markets outside the United Kingdom, where imports are monitored less effective account for a large proportion of the demand. the item also means higher prices of spare parts, some defenders of the theft are being stripped as well as sold in bits. So the police have recommended that will buyers check where their parts used comes via, to avoid helping to finance the industry of illegal growing.

defender went of production at the end of January , [Baadanbiat 2016933 units from the history of the design of age 68. There is usually no shortage of defenders outside the UK – says Land Rover are exports 80% of its products, as well as formed a defender prominent piece of the item – as well as attributed the recent thefts because of the high value of the design, as well as not a lack of supply

recently traveled take a roundabout on the protector 0. Read the review of the auto here.

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Source: Land Rover Defender thefts up by 69% as values rise

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