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Lancia Stratos Concept modern re-creation “70S code is actually just fun leadership as we remember – along with desirable dramatically along with This specific is actually the one-time remake of the 1970 Lancia Stratos , by Pininfarina, based on the Ferrari F430 Scuderia growing part. of which’s the culmination of a dream 10 years ago, of which turned into reality by Stratos enthusiast Chris Hrabalek, along with is actually today determined to Bugatti, Michael Stoschek, chairman supplier German car owned by the family of Brose.Hrabalek components administration building the modern concept of Stratus, which was displayed at the Geneva Motor show in 2005, the positive reaction to This specific motivates him along with Stoschek project shareholders to try to find a partner who can drive takes advantage of the limited production.See pics brand new Lancia Stratos test in actionThat initiative ultimately foundered on , nevertheless in Pininfarina recently episodic one established for customers to enable Hrabalek to convince Stoschek of which they should do the same thing, Pete advanced car Hrabalek Italian design along with adapted to receive the operation of a Ferrari F430 chassis Scuderia.The Scuderia equipment is actually a shortened by 20CM in wheelbase along using a roll cage added aluminum structure to the semi-clad structure of which’s what the pattern acted correctly exposed carbon weave. Centeng of carbon, the structure along with shorten the various weight savings 80KG shed compared with the Scuderia, the total weight of 1247kg, despite an extra roll cage along with air conditioning.The Stratos in power-to-weight ratio along with increased by a modest power increase, bringing the total to 533bhp. Mechanical along with teams Ferrari shop E- teams, has been calibrated suspension to suit the weight along with aerodynamics change along with the desire Stoschek to address more acute, while the gearbox paddle shift F1 on the F430 is actually the lightness playful movement retained.This specific Stratos Leahy dominant feature in a satisfactory manner, the at least on the Paul Ricard where we got to try This specific circuit. Shows in high-resolution with enthusiasm, the Centeng immediately after the input of your driving, throttle push a sharp response on an equal footing via a V8 engine behind you.Within few laps of the tight corners disclosure of your vehicle of which can be directed with the throttle along with flung about with abandon to the original , the rise of rampaging forest Stratos owner Stoschek, sliding his tail with some skill, demonstrates.He thought there was a lot of understeer in tight corners here, nevertheless is actually believed to be able to connect up with the modifications set. Because of which will not be sold to mainstream audiences, of which has been appointed Stratos in order to be more responsive – nevertheless of which’ll be less forgiving if you get of which wrong.The intelligent processing speed is actually eager to have an immediate effect, nevertheless of which is actually not structural along with impressive safety dramatically, each via one of piece along with feel of This specific car, which is actually completely free of rattles along with creaks. This specific is actually some achievement in one off.Also fantastic along with the level of finish, carbon fiber flawless just sew up the dashboard Alcantara beautiful door handles made of aluminum along with milled. Panel police, of which is actually reminiscent of the original Stratos brushed aluminum surround tool, is actually a pleasure to survey.along with Yes, of which is actually integrated helmet extraordinary original car owners to the gates, along with although more accurately than inside the result 1974.The is actually a car abundant This specific quite exhilarating entertaining dramatically, painstakingly constructed along with satisfying as of which is actually working on as of which is actually to direct. Have cost a fortune, nevertheless of which is actually a question achievement.The unusual is actually more than of which, “I can buy one?” Although Stratos test Alfa Romeo Balocco test tracks Fiorano Ferrari, uses internal Scuderia with the approval of Maranello, This specific is actually a special project, with no plans for cooperation with Fiat to market on of which.nevertheless the possibility of a limited run along with there, along with the tools of its components are available along with capable of producing smaller numbers. nevertheless today of which the decision has not yet been made.This specific Stratos undoubtedly a car is actually highly desirable, nevertheless of which is actually also going to be expensive – Hrabalek thinks about £ 0,000, along with This specific will not be enough to turn a profit Stoschek. nevertheless for the (very) well-off who remember Stratos howling through the forest for more than 30 years, irresistible.Lancia Stratos ConceptPrice may prove to £ 0,000. V8 engine, 4308cc, petrol, 532bhp power at 8200rpm. 369lb ft of torque at 3750rpm. Sidewalk weight 1274kg. 168mph top speed. 0-62mph 3.3sec. Economy NA. Band CO2 / tax NA
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Source: Lancia Stratos Concept

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