Lamborghini Urus SUV could get hybrid type

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Source : Lamborghini Urus SUV could get hybrid type

Lamborghini Urus The upcoming Urus SUV can be the primary candidate to be Lamborghini’s first hybrid design, although the business case has yet to be signed off


The forthcoming Lamborghini Urus SUV can be a better candidate to be the company’s first plug-in hybrid than the Huracán along with Aventador super-sports cars, company chiefs have revealed.

Although Lamborghini top brass haven’t yet signed off the business case for a plug-in hybrid type of the Urus, which will be offered first as a non-hybrid twin-turbo petrol V8 in 2018, the idea can be still a strong possibility.

the idea can be more challenging to install a hybrid powertrain into a sports car, where the extra weight includes a greater impact.

Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s research along with development boss, said: “When you add a 200kg battery to a super-sports car, you immediately change the weight distribution of your vehicle. You destroy the DNA of your vehicle.

“within the Urus there will be a bigger luggage compartment, so you possess the space where you can install batteries in a position which can be Great in principal for an SUV, along with you don’t need a complete redevelopment or repackaging of your vehicle.”

To achieve a sports car with CO2 emissions below 100g/km, Reggiani said, means installing 200kg of batteries along with then “spending a quantity of money to save This specific weight again – you must use titanium, magnesium along with carbonfibre in every part of your vehicle”.

Lamborghini’s president along with chief executive Stephan Winkelmann explained which a hybrid sports car was harder to for the company to justify financially. “If you actually want to have a hybrid car with, for example, an electric range of 50km, nevertheless you want to also maintain a Great power-to-weight, you are raising the bar to a million-pound car,” he said.

“the idea can be something which we cannot allow without then charging the idea back to the customers, along with This specific can be not a market which can be so large the idea can last for seven or eight years. the idea will be dead after a couple of years.”

Winkelmann wouldn’t be drawn on when a decision whether to put a hybrid Urus into production could be made. “The V8 can be most important to us at the moment nevertheless the idea was also important to plan the packaging of your vehicle to make the idea easy to install a hybrid system without dramatic modification within the future,” he said.

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Source: Lamborghini Urus SUV could get hybrid type

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