Lamborghini Centenario – Geneva's 759bhp V12 supercar in detail

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Source : Lamborghini Centenario – Geneva's 759bhp V12 supercar in detail

Lamborghini Centenario only 40 examples of the super basis Aventador to be built, in a £ 1.64 million each


Lamborghini pull the wraps off the fresh 759bhp super limited term in Geneva Motor show which week.

is usually based on the Centenario Aventador ‘s platform, not a Lamborghini super powerful production ever. which has been created to celebrate 100 years since I was born founder Ferruccio Lamborghini company. in addition to which will build only 40 examples, in addition to which will cost close to £ 1.64 million each.

in addition to Centenario design strikers already pays Aventador to fresh extreme levels. which flaunts a chassis of carbon fiber corner sharply with the deep air intakes in addition to channels carved all over the Centeng, in addition to makes hardcore Aventador SV look positively tame by comparison.

Lamborghini says which eye-catching, such as the centennial is usually, to design in addition to put in a job before in terms of shape, with the bottom in addition to the clear priority. Proof of which comes having a very low nose, which includes sockets widely mouth in addition to six vertical vanes. inside the rear, in addition to the rear diffuser uses a huge six long vanes which extend by the bottom of your vehicle to reach the tail lights. Lamborghini says the flow of a lot of air through the Centenario, which which has, in fact, “permeable” Centeng.

to adjust the Aero performance on the move, there are also active rear wing, which extends to 150mm in addition to rotates up to 15 degrees depending on the driving mode inside your vehicle.

Centenario in addition to kept some of the features of Aventador, however having a ceiling swooping long line of perhaps the clearest example. There is usually also the headlights similar to those Huracan in addition to taillights which are clearly inspired by the units inside the form of Y- Nujaimi concept.

inside the heart of Santiago is usually the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 by the Aventador. in addition to boosted power up to 759bhp, 19bhp more than Aventador SV, while the maximum lifting sessions by 8350rpm to 8600rpm tingling spine. which’s the most powerful Lamborghini engine ever produced. which extra power gives your vehicle a 1520kg impressive strength-to-weight ratio of 499bhp / tonne – 7bhp more than SV

performance, therefore, scintillating to some extent. Centenario complete the race 0-62mph in 2.8sec, in addition to reaches 186mph in just 23.5sec – 0.5sec faster than the Aventador SV. He claimed top speed to be more than 217mph.

are providing electricity off by ceramic carbon brakes, which claims Lamborghini can deliver the centenary of the stop by 186mph in just 290 meters. They are located behind a set of forged aluminum wheels milled in addition to wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber. Front wheels are 20 inches in diameter, in addition to 21-inch rears.

inside the centenary also makes use of the latest guidelines Lamborghini quad system.

characterized cabin wrapped in carbon in addition to Alcantara panels, in addition to a pair of carbon seats. The 10.1in touchscreen dominates the center console, featuring Apple CarPlay as standard. Connect infotainment system inside the internet, so passengers can use social media, e-mail, as well as listening to the radio on the Internet.

buyers wish with which project on the right track, in addition to includes advanced measurement software, which can record quickly in addition to timely in addition to G forces, while the two internal cameras can record the overall experience system. There is usually also space For 2 helmets inside the afternoon.

all coupe versions 20 in addition to 20 Roadster have already been sold, in addition to which’s unlikely any two will be the same because the buyers will be able to customize extensively their cars using the privatization program in a personal capacity Lamborghini

said CEO of Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann fresh product: “The centenary is usually a car which combines tradition completely in addition to innovation. which is usually an opportunity for our designers in addition to engineers to overcome some of the obstacles of the production chain to achieve the result is usually unsurpassed.

“your vehicle immediately proved itself desirable car collectors,” while demonstrating fresh technologies for Lamborghini. which is usually the most appropriate tribute to Ferruccio Lamborghini in his year percentage. ”

Lamborghini says he likes to produce low volume, such as the centenary of the exploration design in addition to technical possibilities designs. Centenario Joins Reventon , Sesto ELEMENTO , Aventador J in addition to Veneno in which line-up of tiny sold outside the limited range cars.

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Source: Lamborghini Centenario – Geneva's 759bhp V12 supercar in detail

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