Koenigsegg One:1 prepares for Nürburgring lap record attempt

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Source : Koenigsegg One:1 prepares for Nürburgring lap record attempt

Koenigsegg One:1 Hypercar aims to win 6min 57sec lap of the Porsche 918 Spyder in


A- long factory Koenigsegg single: 1 is actually currently undergoing tests at the Nurburgring before attempting planning to record completely new record production car lap

the standard speed has to overcome Porsche 918 Spyder image 6min 57sec lap in 2013.

technically, as well as held car production record by radical SR8 LM, which set time 6min 48sec in 2009 , however extreme, nature that will the vehicle, which focuses on race (as well as the fact that will the idea is actually the only car in its normal track) means a lot counting hybrid 918 fastest real production car.

Koenigsegg expects to beat. Not once reveals the 918, however what’s completely new lap time targeting

as well as industry Swedish cars have already entered one: one in a long test as well as set up period, with experiments Robert Serwanski company driver starting procedures before handing over to an expert Nurburgring-up today-the idea is actually detected.

Although This particular period, the test can take several months, has Koenigsegg confirmed that will he will be made up of just a few days of the test, because the idea is actually intended only to run through a private track sessions, which are few as well as far between

as well as 1341 bhp I: 1 Features such as a wide range of adjustment that will will be used to fine tune the test days have set-up, rather than make any adjustments. The only change to the setup of the vehicle roll cage, which is actually standard practice to record attempts of This particular kind.

says Koenigsegg will be revealed for the establishment of the amendments after the record attempt, even if everything goes to plan one: Will 1 owners will be able to adjust the vehicle to the ‘Nurburgring Star, “If they want to

one: 1 can already lay claim to being one of the most auto power than ever have ventured on the ‘ring. the idea uses 5.0-liter engine as well as V8- turboprop twin that will produces 1341bhp at 7500rpm on E85 ethanol or 1160bhp on super unleaded gasoline .

she wears experimental Sport 2 cup Michelin tires as standard, as well as the same tires that will the record -holding 918 Spyder used in its run, as well as the idea has the power to-weight ratio of up to 986bhp per tonne, which beats comfortably 544bhp 918 per tonne – can achieved when the optional processing to save weight Weissach package Porsche

Koenigsegg has not yet disclose what fuel will be used within the long record attempt. the lap fueled by E85, is actually likely to be faster, however the company may want to break the record with standard fuel, to reject any comments one: one was a big advantage over its competitors

the last major production car to determine the Nurburgring lap time is actually McLaren P1 . McLaren time did not disclose the exact lap hybrid hypercar, instead chosing to reveal only that will the target time without seven minutes scored

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Source: Koenigsegg One:1 prepares for Nürburgring lap record attempt

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