Koenigsegg One:1 Nürburgring crash car will go for record again

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Source : Koenigsegg One:1 Nürburgring crash car will go for record again

Koenigsegg One:1 £ 1.8m hypercar in addition to crashed during the preparation for the record attempt within the lap, although the item will be built


in addition to Koenigsegg one: 1 that will crashed within the Nurburgring will be rebuilt, in addition to probably go for record lap at the Nurburgring again

in addition to the the has to inspect the auto to the headquarters in Ängelholm he suffers coming from a fault with the left front wheel ABS sensor signal. The company, which very few examples exist, Koenigsegg was to go to try to register the completely new record in addition to then the item will use This specific car

statement of Koenigsegg detailed issues with the auto crashed .: “One: 1 saw front axle brake lock-up at about 170kmph [105mph] on the part of the road known as Fuchsröhre before hitting the fence within the Adenauer Forest at 110kmph about [70mph]

. ” The impact of the fence with the auto launched into the air for about 22 meters while the item is actually turned 180 degrees before landing on the rear left wheel, in addition to pivoted on the ground parallel to the wall. Airbag systems, fuel shut-off in addition to different safety on the deployment because the item is actually designed to do. “

fire broke out within the rear of the auto after the carbon plates background contact with the exhaust made when the auto fell, although put the driver by using a fire extinguisher coming from inside the auto.


data analysis that will light ABS warning triggered when a malfunction occurs, although Koenigsegg said that will with the item being located within the center of the dashboard of the driver may have had difficulty seeing the item in while wearing a helmet in addition to focus on the lap.

said Koenigsegg adjustments will implemeneted program on all applicable vehicles to ensure its cars’ safety.

in addition to the active warning systems currently monitoring active in Koenigseggs systems, in addition to if an error is actually detected the auto is actually limited to 62mph until the error in addition to survey system reform. ABS system are not included in This specific, although Koenigsegg said the item will act immediately to change that will.

car was severely damaged within the outer panels in addition to sub-frames, although there were no fuel leaks, oil spills in addition to leakage of hydraulic fluid. Doors operating at full capacity, in addition to remains intact roof Negotiable removable.

monocoque will form the basis for re-building the auto in addition to confirmed the the.

Swedish the was tested £ hypercar 1.8M in preparation for the lap record attempt when the item crashed, in what is actually possibly one of the most expensive accidents within the history of the famous circuit.

took the driver of the auto to the hospital although was released the same afternoon. Koenigsegg will not be made public the names of the driver, although he stressed that will the Autocar that will he was not the driver, Robert Serwanski test plant.

in addition to Nurburgring record holder within the current lap is actually Spider Porsche 918 , which recorded a time of 57sec 6min in 2013.

only seven one: having 1S. One that will crashed is actually the client’s car, owned by a person close to the company, the carmaker said.

one: 1 contains gasoline V8 twin turbo 1341bhp engine in addition to is actually claimed to be capable of 0-62mph in just 2.6sec, which has a top speed of 273mph

one witness: test 1 here:

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Source: Koenigsegg One:1 Nürburgring crash car will go for record again

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