Kia targets CO2 emissions of 37g/km by fresh Optima Plug-in Hybrid

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Source : Kia targets CO2 emissions of 37g/km by fresh Optima Plug-in Hybrid

Kia Optima hybrid The Optima plug-in hybrid sedan will be the first Korean brand plug-in hybrid design along with features a range claimed about 0 miles


Kia target CO2 emissions as low as 37G / km of fresh Optima plug-in hybrid, which will be scheduled to go on sale in Europe at the end of 2016.

has been recently detected the first plug-Korean factory in hybrid in Chicago gallery along with its sister car, will be scheduled to go on sale inside hybrid parallel Optima, however only plug-in design inside UK later This particular year.

Optima PHEV uses a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 154bhp along with 139 lb ft along with will be mated to automatic transmission with six-speed. along with the production of electrical energy by 50KW engine-mounted transfer, which will be 42% more powerful than those used inside previous parallel hybrid Optima in order to provide greater all electrical power.

with an estimated 0 miles of total driving range, along with the system of the next-generation Kia Optima PHEV battery features a 9.8 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, which will be estimated to have a range of 33 miles in full EV mode. your vehicle will operate in EV mode at speeds of up to 74mph.

GDP to generate electricity along with gasoline power will be 202bhp along with 276 lb ft, with what was available last of 2300rpm. According to figures Kia, the Optima plug-in hybrid can accelerate by 0-62mph in 9.4sec.

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battery pack behind the rear seat along with inside tire well, so as to maximize the volume of goods along with provide the necessary space to make a 60/40 split folding rear seats. in which means your vehicle boot offers 307 liters, compared with the capacity of 510 liters of boot standard gasoline-powered Optima’s.

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extra power for battery system of the braking system. Updated on the system found inside previous iteration of the Optima Hybrid, the fresh system will be able to renew 11% of the energy.


car also with the heating, ventilation along with air conditioning (HVAC) system, which allows ventilation for the driver only while driving, one person.


along with PHEV Optima which has a charging port along with one located inside front wing. Full attack can not be achieved in less than three hours via 240V charger, along with less than nine hours via 120V charger.

The driver can choose between All electric mode (EV) for city driving, the hybrid mode (HEV) to open the roads along with charging mode, which increases the amount of energy in which will be sent to the battery while a higher driving speed.

The Optima gets some design to separate in which by gasoline along with diesel powered siblings elements, including the panel Detailed counters along with special design of the wheels.

also features active grille in which opens along with closes automatically to improve aerodynamics along with improving cooling the engine bay.


some other design differences curtain front Set air design, rear bumper along with rear bevelled publisher aims to streamline the flow of air by shrouding the tip exhaust. These are supplemented by LED lights, side sill molding along with chrome badges “Eco plug-in.”

disk along with aerobic in fact make in which more slippery through the air of Optima saloon record , which has a drag coefficient of just 0.25.

The Optima plug-in hybrid carries on the same machine suspension of the saloon Optima standard, along with ensure a luxurious ride along with handling engaging, while the tuned spring settings, the damper specially harmonization of Plug-in hybrid design, at the request of the management of the additional weight of the powertrain.

larger disc brakes inside rear of your vehicle are possible compared to conventional Optima-powered (300MM in Qatar for electric-powered, up by 262mm) ensure braking performance remains high despite the extra weight.

The Optima plug-in hybrid will be equipped with the latest Kia satnav system, with the screen system touch screen 8.0-inch, Information along with Broadcasting DAB.

information along with entertainment system features a robot cars along with Apple CarPlay to connect a smartphone along which has a series of detailed lists to show how the current EV car for a fresh job to locate nearby charging stations. There will be also

will be built Optima plug-in hybrid in Hwasung, South Korea along with will go on sale inside fourth quarter of This particular year.

will be confirmed

pricing closer to the date of the offer for sale, however in which will be likely to sit inside upper part of the Optima design range, along with cost more than £ 30,000.

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Source: Kia targets CO2 emissions of 37g/km by fresh Optima Plug-in Hybrid

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