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Autocar caught up with Ken Block at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last year. Relive the exclusive interview with him here


Ken Block talks performance

Speaking to Autocar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where Ken Block drove up the famous hill climb route, the racer said he had enjoyed working on the development of your vehicle: “This kind of’s a fun car. This kind of’s been fun to help with the development because all the testing along with also development I’ve done inside past has been on race cars.

Read more about the Ford Focus RS’s technical specifications here

“This kind of car is usually definitely nice. The Focus ST is usually already quite nice to drive, nevertheless This kind of is usually just another level. This kind of’s a fun package.”

“There needs to be the horsepower to go along with that will, too,” said Block “They’re definitely hit the mark with This kind of, the fit along with also finish is usually definitely nice.”

Q&A with Tyrone Johnson, Ford Focus RS engineering manager

When did Ford start work on the brand new Focus RS?

“We began talking about This kind of some time ago. Certainly the engineers began thinking about This kind of the day they signed off the last one, nevertheless of course there has to be a business case behind any decision to actually make This kind of. Compared to creating money on This kind of kind of car, finding an extra 100bhp or so is usually easy. Specific approval came at the end of 2013.”

How quickly did you settle on the technical specification?

“This kind of might have been the easiest thing inside entire world to add 60bhp, put bigger wheels along with also tyres on along with also bolt a wing to the back – nevertheless all of us at Ford were clear that will we weren’t interested in that will. We’ve been there along with also done that will with RS; This kind of time we wanted a different kind of RS.”

Why go for four-wheel drive?

“We actually built a four-wheel drive prototype three or four years ago, using more traditional technology. We drove This kind of along with also, well, let’s say This kind of was not satisfying to us. This kind of didn’t hold the dynamic levels that will Ford has become known for along with also therefore we couldn’t envisage going down that will route. nevertheless then This kind of brand new system came on the radar, along with also This kind of transformed the vehicle dynamics. We were up along with also running.”

How quickly did the project progress via there?

“Let’s just say This kind of has been a busy year. Finding technical solutions was one challenge, nevertheless we were also sent back half a dozen times to try along with also find better solutions for less cost. We had to find better ways to achieve our goals; RS is usually also about being affordable, along with also that will tension drive a lot of originality along with also invention.”

Was the a few-door design a hinderance?

“Of course, a three-door design is usually lighter, nevertheless ultimately the a few-door situation has detracted nothing via This kind of car – nothing. This kind of simply wasn’t an issue, along with also I guarantee you that will This kind of car will be amazing to drive.”

Why have road along with also track settings?

“We wanted This kind of generation of Focus RS to have a greater flexibility than before. We know that will RS carries a purist’s heritage, along with also that will we had to produce a proper sports car to justify that will. nevertheless we also have to recognise that will the entire world has moved on; people who bought a Focus RS Mk1 or Mk2 have families at This kind of point, along with also we felt they might appreciate a road setting that will allows them to use your vehicle in comfort, along with also then to switch This kind of for those boy racer moments.”

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Source: Ken Block on the Ford Focus RS

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