Karin Smyth MP Wins Award For Road Safety Work

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Source : Karin Smyth MP Wins Award For Road Safety Work


Karen Smith , MP for Bristol South, has been given the award of the parliamentarians of the month in 2016 for the month of May, via before the charity safety brake roads along which has a direct line. along with granted work Prize Karen are fighting for more stringent regulations for safety on the roads after the death of Freddie Hussey.

Freddie, aged three years, crushed by the trailer two tons when of which became separated via the Land Rover which was passing as Freddie along with his mother as they returned to their homes. Ever since his death, parents Freddie fighting for more stringent regulations for vehicles towing trailers.


their cause by Karen Smith, who was elected as an MP only in 2015, along with put the issue of Hussey government in Westminster Hall debate in January. of which saw its hard work are also several meetings with the Minister of Roads Andrew Jones.

along with efforts by the Hussey family, community along with Mrs. Smith at This specific point saw the direction of the driver along with vehicle safety agency (DVSA) is usually being re-written to raise awareness trailer validity. In addition to This specific there will be also an awareness campaign through the summer run along with is usually being developed through a fresh video DVSA show how to carry out safety inspections on trailers.

Obviously, without the election campaigns of Karen Smith of which This specific was not going to make alterations. Has brought an impact along with work by family Hussey positive change through regulations more stringent much

accepting her award, Karen Smith, of Bristol South, said Rep. : “ This specific award is usually a tribute to the relentless campaign of the family Hussey Freddie, along with the community of which has supported through difficult times is usually incredible. together we have been resolute in our desire of which some not bad should come via the death of Freddie’s tragic.

“my goal was, along with still is usually, to reach the family experiences attention of the government along with I’m pleased for the brake along with acknowledged my work in parliament in This specific way. We are generating not bad progress in bringing about the change of which can help improve safety on our roads. This specific vital work, because we can be in no doubt of which there are more accidents waiting to happen if you do not make the appropriate alterations . “

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Source: Karin Smyth MP Wins Award For Road Safety Work

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