Kahn eyes US expansion with Jeep Wrangler

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Source : Kahn eyes US expansion with Jeep Wrangler

Kahn Wrangler as well as Chelsea truck company-owned Khan wants to shift his attention to one of the multi-sports car uses of America’s best-selling one-time Land Rover Defender supply dries


type next house design partner priest will be Jeep Wrangler , the idea was confirmed which the Autocar.


Khan, in charge of revenge-based Aston Martin DB9 as well as various Land Rover Defender projects. This kind of fresh project inside the wake of the end of production as well as defender


spokesman Khan: “We have just begun wide-Centeng of the Jeep Wrangler design package, as well as we are looking for which car to take over where he completed a defender.”


about 500 cowboys inside the UK each year, with the company-owned Chelsea Khan truck, accounting for about a fifth of these. The United States, on the some other hand, buy 0,000 cowboy in a year, so This kind of can be where Khan can be looking to expand.

spokesman Khan also hinted at the possibility of having an electric type. “We’ve got some other programs inside the stages of research as well as development at the moment,” he said. “Provided which we get through those stages of evaluation, I might like to think we’ll have something on the market within 12 months.”

EV project are kept under wraps as well as the document was further details to disclose.

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Source: Kahn eyes US expansion with Jeep Wrangler

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