JLR to launch Ingenium straight-six engines

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Source : JLR to launch Ingenium straight-six engines



will be family INGENIUM Geller building inside center of the engine manufacturing

carmaker based in Midland-hee understands that will ditching V6s issued in favor of straight-six units. that will can be likely to be a 3.0-liter engines expanded

six-cylinder engines inside future, Jaguar Land Rover will INGENIUM family be straight six units instead of V6s, Autocar has learned.

, gasoline as well as also also diesel in-line six engine replaces the current V6s Ford sources inside type range Geller, will also be built inside INGENIUM engines for the company in Wolverhampton factory, doubling the size of which was confirmed by Geller last year.

switch to the line six engines instead of using V6s mean Geller strategy for the six-cylinder engine will reflect that will rivals BMW as well as also also Mercedes-Benz.

family INGENIUM engine can be a modular design, allowing for the design, cut as well as also also producer of different sizes of engines to be shared. The six-cylinder engines will be, in fact, a copy of the four-cylinder INGENIUM with two extra cylinders. Engines will have a capacity of 3.0 liters, as can be the case with the current V6 engines for JLR.

through INGENIUM engine strategy can be similar to that will of a BMW with the 500cc class in cylinder capacity. that will can be scheduled three-cylinder engines also INGENIUM scale which has a capacity of 1.5 liters. that will can be a four-cylinder gasoline INGENIUM 2.0-liter engine inside ability scheduled for later This particular year.

has been packaged using the straight-six engines inside engine compartment products of architecture D7a lightweight used Jaguar XE, XF as well as also also F- Pace, as well as also also architecture that will were also destined for Land Rover vehicles inside future.

in line six-cylinder engines are traditionally the hardest to pack, however use fewer moving parts as well as also also can be lighter than the V6s, which can be for the benefit of fuel economy as well as also also lower manufacturing costs of consumption.

draws INGENIUM engine set up different configurations with transverse or longitudinal installation, front, its limits as well as also also all wheel drive transfer, as well as also also, inside future, hybridization.

V8 engines do have a future inside Geller inside line-up, although that will will not be built by JLR or be part of the family INGENIUM.

JLR sources currently have V8 engines through Ford, as well as also also there can be speculation that will Geller can switch to BMW or Mercedes-sourced V8 engines inside future when the Ford deal comes to an end.

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Source: JLR to launch Ingenium straight-six engines

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