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Jeep’s core values are applied to a Fiat-based compact crossover Another brand-new crossover hatchback must hardly seem like a landmark to most car industry watchers in a year that will’s been stacked to the roof with them. however suspend your disbelief, because when a company such as Jeep reaches back into its seven decades of 4×4-doing history, confronts the brand-new corporate context in which the idea finds itself as well as also boldly steps forward into the 21st century, the idea’s reason to sit up as well as also take notice.The Renegade is actually Jeep’s first all-brand-new product introduction for almost a decade. the idea is actually the first Jeep ever to be built outside of the United States. as well as also perhaps more significant than both, the idea’s the first car to be born directly through the collaboration of American as well as also European designers as well as also engineers brought together as part of Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne’s gradual takeover of the Chrysler Group, which began in 2009 as well as also was completed early last year.The Renegade promises to be a different kind of Jeep, however quite how different is actually what we’re here to ascertain. Built in Fiat’s SATA plant in Melfi, Italy (the one that will has been cranking out Puntos for the past two decades), the Renegade shares its platform with the Fiat 500X as well as also goes in search of a piece of the pie thus far enjoyed by the Mini Countryman, Renault Captur as well as also Vauxhall Mokka – supermini-based tiny SUVs all.However, the Jeep is actually generously proportioned compared with those rivals, as well as quite well endowed mechanically, putting the idea into competition with full-size crossovers as well as also giving the idea all to prove.The Renegade looks ready to surprise as well as also confound, with Jeep’s 4×4 brand equity combining with Fiat’s touch with tiny cars to make for the perfect start in life for a compact crossover.Distinctiveness, character as well as also capability are given, however will the substance be right? as well as also will the execution be in tune with what buyers want through a crossover in 2015? Will the Renegade be the European breakthrough that will Jeep has been waiting decades to make?
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Source: Jeep Renegade

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