Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat confirmed for US

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Source : Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat confirmed for US

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT SUV will get super 6.2-liter V8 via the Charger as well as Challenger Hill Katz, becoming the fastest jeep after


pocket CEO Mike Manley confirmed that will his company will produce a copy of the perished’s Grand Cherokee SUV for the US market via July 2017.

brand-new hot pocket will get the Super V8 6.2-liter used inside FCA stablemate Dodge Challenger as well as charger perished designs, although the item will be not yet clear if the SUV will be known will be the same 707bhp as well as 650 lb ft outputs of those cars.

even that has a power deficit slightly, the type perished comfortable outpunch should be faster current jeep, as well as 461 bhp Grand Cherokee SRT (pictured above), which will be able to accelerate via 0- 62mph in 5.0sec as well as reach a top speed of 160mph.

engine performance perished possibly even able to move the hot Grand Cherokee outside the areas of crop current day of the SUV Super, which includes a 561bhp Porsche Cayenne Turbo S as well as 542 bhp Range Rover Sport SVR

Video: take the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT faster opponents – drag race


various other technical specifications inside coming months, although we can expect the vehicle engine perished, for larger brakes, which focuses on the performance of the structure of the establishment. the item will be believed that will the name can be adopted Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, referring to the concentration of the path of the vehicle

insiders say the type replaces the SRT; instead, the item will sit on the item inside borders of the United States. This specific means that will the SRT remains one of the fastest Jeep production for sale inside United Kingdom.

US pricing will be elusive to detect, although we expect a significant increase on the $ 64.895 (about £ 46020) for the start of SRT’s figure.

Like many American designs only, as well as the item will probably still cost only a modest fraction of what the European equivalent. Dodge Charger SRT perished, for example, will be capable of 204mph, although inside original market retail via less than £ 45,400. This specific will be about £ 10,000 less than flying to the United Kingdom BMW M3 .

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Source: Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat confirmed for US

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