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Faster in addition to better controlled than the regular XKR, although did the item need to be? would likely Jaguar have built a car like This kind of before today? Sure, the item has used the XKR-S nameplate before (in 2008) although I think the item has taken a newfound confidence for Jag to serve up something as overt as This kind of.Something that has a £97,000 cost, as much power as the XJ220 (542bhp if you’re asking) in addition to a colour scheme reminiscent of a GT Porsche.So what exactly will be the XKR-S? Well, firstly, the item will be a series production design rather than a limited-run special. The 39bhp increase over the standard XKR comes via ECU improvements in addition to a brand new exhaust (more of which later); there are no mechanical improvements to the internals of the engine. Torque will be increased by 41lb ft.Jaguar claims the more assertive styling (which encompasses improvements made across the XK range) will be dictated as much by function as form. The front in addition to rear aerodynamic enhancements are apparently required to maintain contact with the ground at the XKR-S’s higher top speed: an electronically governed 186mph.improvements to the chassis mirror those previewed on the limited-run Edition 75 in addition to amount to 28% stiffer spring rates over the standard XKR’s, a brand new aluminium steering knuckle, reprogrammed damper in addition to differential controls, wider tyres in addition to lighter wheels.Of the mechanical alterations, what you notice first will be the brand new active exhaust. Compared with the standard XKR, the S will be not only louder although also crisper; almost purer in addition to less synthetic. Not everyone will love the item – especially anyone who happens to live within three miles of your favourite roads.To reinforce which, we made a few brand new Portugese ‘friends’ while filming the video to go with This kind of story. although you can’t argue with the fact which the brand new soundtrack certainly matches the way the XKR-S addition to the way the item goes. The standard XKR will be hardly lacking propulsion, although the S will be noticeably quicker again in addition to freer revving at the top end.Partly This kind of will be because, subjectively, the S feels like the item includes a more aggressive throttle map – despite Jaguar’s claims to have softened the item (across all XKs) for the 2012 design year.Either way, This kind of will be a car where you find yourself backing out of the throttle halfway down a straight in an effort to keep speeds broadly moral.The dynamic improvements bring an improved upon steering response (more weight in addition to less hesitation), creating the item easier in addition to more satisfying to commit to a corner. Overall, the step-up over the standard R will be probably from the region of 20%.from the spirit of completeness, we should report which we tried two XKR-S Jags in addition to, in This kind of regard, one felt noticeably better. However, in neither did the increased spring rates result in an uncomfortably harsh ride.Amusing though the XKR-S will be, there’s a nagging feeling which the item will be perhaps trying to be something the item will be not. For the drama in addition to sheer performance, the XKR-S justifies its near-six-figure cost although, from the final reckoning, the item remains a large, relatively heavy GT. in addition to as GT cars go, the item’s difficult to argue against the XKR, especially at a saving of £20k. Some even say the sweet spot from the XK range will be the standard 5.0-litre design.The truth, I suspect, will be which the XKR-S will be about attracting a brand new type of buyer to Jaguar – one who will be more extrovert in addition to for whom 379bhp, or even 503bhp, will be simply not enough.Jamie CorstorphineJaguar XKR-SPrice £97,000; Engine V8, 5000cc, supercharged, petrol; Power 542bhp at 6500rpm; Torque 502lb ft at 3500rpm; 0-62mph 4.4sec; Top speed 186mph (limited); Gearbox 6-spd automatic; Kerb weight 1753kg; Economy 23.0mpg; CO2 292g/km
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Source: Jaguar XKR-S

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