Jaguar XJ13 (1965) Review To Be Seen

Thursday, February 11th, 2016 - Jaguar

Jaguar XJ13 (1965) review categorized the car as a car for riding. It uses roadster body style that is very stable for you who always want to drive fast. The engine of the car uses 5.0 L DOHC V12 powertrain with manual 5-speed gearbox and rear wheel drive. To make the car can ride fast, you use petrol gasoline  that can make power up to 374 w with the torque is 523 Nm per 386 lb.-ft. The car rapidity reaches 284 km/h or 177 mph. It accelerates 3.3 from zero to 60 times. You use the car to race. However, if you want to safe riding by ride the car slowly, you can also use the car. In this case, you by using this car, you can stand out in the crowd because the car is a classic car but it still has good performance.


Jaguar XJ13 11

Jaguar XJ13 Is a Fast Car

Jaguar XJ13 (1965) review says that the car is slimmer car so it can ride fast. There are two doors with two seats in the car. You can bring your couple as passenger to seat in the car. Using this car, your couple will impressed by seeing this car. The car smooth in riding but if you want the rapidity. You can also use this car.

Jaguar XJ13 04

The Upgrade in the Car

If you decide to buy the car, you can buy the car from the jaguar cars showroom. Although the car is made in 1965, but the car is still has good look to be chosen. The design, of course it is classic design. It is good design in that time, but nowadays designs of the car also made to be new. There are some new look from the car because people also want the car has update version on the car design. The features in the car also being upgrade so people who use the car can feel comfort and enjoy riding the car. For more information, you can see the Jaguar XJ13 (1965) review.


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