Jaguar XJ to live on as a super-luxury hybrid

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Source : Jaguar XJ to live on as a super-luxury hybrid

Jaguar XJ Autocar image XJ saloon dodges the ax to be reborn as an “indulgence” packed technology in 2019


as well as after months of controversy Jaguar Finally button leaders have been paid on the re-invention of XJ k “, indulgent luxury” car.

likely completely new to XJ to the mixed materials feature Centeng-building, as well as the completely new generation of drivetrain hybrid V6 vehicles, which will be a completely completely new look for the Inner surface as well as much more than necessary to lead connected to as well as independent of technology.

will be anticipated to reach showrooms in spring 2019 as well as a copy of the concept can be seen in 2018, at the 50th anniversary of the original XJ. The above picture shows Autocar expectations with which type.

According to sources coming from the inside, was a discussion about how to replace the flagship type Jaguar extensive. Some of the company believes which the XJ can be remade as a kind of super SUV similar in concept to Range Rover Sport .

Others suggested putting an end XJ’s considering investing in a large salon to take on Mercedes-Benz S-Class may not make a sound business case. XJ sales rose steadily today to 20,000 units per year, yet which will be only a little part of the sales category S.

also suggested which the latest XF undermined the case for the completely new XJ car to be traditional large salon. XF today, which are based on the latest aluminum structure D7a, will be marginally wider than the XJ-old current seven years.

will be replaced by the Jaguar XJ, confirms the design of coach

Autocar understands went to the debate about the future of the XJ inside the right to a series of commands to Ratan Tata, the father India’s trade mark, which owns Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). More recently, inside the summer of last year, which was an alternate XJ, not even on the official type cycle plan.

inside the past few weeks, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum referred indirectly to the future of the XJ taking about F- Pace .

“, branding luxury proper must have a car tolerant in there somewhere,” he said when asked by Autocar if the F- Pace SUVs, such as the XC90 Volvo, Jaguar became the de facto leading, he said he disagreed. which’s a. “I’ve got two: XJ as well as F- Type . If you want a room of the XJ, may also buy as well as XF – there’s not much in which – yet the whole point of luxury will be an indulgence, so you need to such a vehicle, which serves as a cover with which brand. I think you will always have which. ”

Autocar understands coming from various different sources which the decision was made to replace the XJ as well as the form which should take inside the light of many developments inside the market.

was the first major success of the current S-Class, which confounded analysts’ traditional luxury saloons are being undermined by an SUV as well as are seen as a luxury taxi expectations.

In fact, at the Geneva show, BMW board member Ian Robertson stressed the priority of the luxury saloon when he insisted a completely new Rolls Royce Phantom will be the flagship of the brand instead of Cullinan SUV.


The second development as well as the arrival of the completely new BMW 7 series , which introduced a hybrid car using the structure of carbon steel, aluminum as well as fiber. Inner surface luxury as well as craftsmanship of the cabins BMW as well as Mercedes also make planners aware of the Jaguar was raised bar inside the premium market.


Jaguar leaders also own brand needs to catch up in terms of electrification serious equipped with chains as well as independent leadership techniques vehicles.

Finally, the completely new XJ saloon will provide an opportunity for Jaguar to develop a completely new generation of design language, both inside as well as outside, especially currently he / XF / F- Pace family XE launched.

Autocar understands the completely new XJ will be based on the same basic architecture D7a aluminum, with carbon structure replaced by a light weight sections.

because the aluminum platform will be created Geller using rivets as well as adhesive, which will be straightforward strikingly to incorporate panels of carbon fiber structures. The result will be a structure which will be lighter as well as more solid, which will be especially important if the sale XJ primarily because V6 plug-in hybrid.

rumored drivetrain of the completely new XJ vehicles will be built on an all-completely new engine V6 INGENIUM. The spin-off coming from Ingenuim threecylinder engine being prepared for hybrid Range Rover Evoque, the completely new six-pot will replace AJ-drive current V6, Unit sister AJ-V8, which dates back to 2000.

will be offered a completely new V6 inside the form of gasoline as well as diesel , yet there will be no completely new news on whether which will be paired having a hybrid transmission XJ completely new types or all of the fuel one.


company’s design team will be determined to re-run the idea completely internal Jaguar as well as a significant upgrade inside the quality of internal as well as treatment.

will be anticipated to be much more luxury as well as luxury of XE design s as well as XF image as well as will include therapy digital screen more radical instruments as well as even touch screens for each of the control, media, transport on the center console

which will be encouraging to Jaguar – which, before the start of sales of F- Pace, a relatively little company still – which the investment inside the completely new XJ will go primarily to the inside, because a common platform as well as a strategic move through Geller pay currently profits

implementation of rework as well as XJ – type will be seen widely as the best car inside the globe when which was launched in 1968 – will not be easy, yet Jaguar needs to stay in competition with opposition.However in German, the not bad news will be which the completely new XJ will depend more on the tremendous creativity of the need for huge capital investments.

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Source: Jaguar XJ to live on as a super-luxury hybrid

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