Jaguar XFL: long-wheelbase XF targets Chinese market

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Source : Jaguar XFL: long-wheelbase XF targets Chinese market

Jaguar XFL China only saloon unveiled in Beijing. 140MM longer as well as also built specifically for the domestic market a unique


Jaguar has revealed the existence of a brand-new copy of the database’s long wheelbase of XF salon called the XFL in Beijing.

as well as also China only 140MM type is actually longer than a normal car, stretch the leg back room by room as well as also 157mm by 116mm knee.

The design of your vehicle using a chauffeur-driven Chinese buyers in mind, so the idea comes with the latest InControl touching Pro information as well as also entertainment system, 8IN two screens as well as also wireless headphones Digital.

screens can also display the influx of media via Wi-Fi hotspots car, or via devices connected via the HDMI / MHL port. The system works using a 825W Meridian surround sound system which uses 17 speakers.


to passengers within the rear also rear folding tables, as well as also heating as well as also cooling seats with massage function, Quad-modified wood window blinds, all of which are characterized by the cabin of a brand-new system of air ionization purification.

Jaguar says that will using a lot of features, the back of the XFL as well as also the part can be transformed into a mobile office to meet the needs of executives traveling to China.

up front, as well as also drivers encounter using a 10.2in touch screen, which operates InControl Pro as well as also Media, virtual counters 12.3in screen using a 3D set.

with extra length, the idea weighs about 200KG XFL more than ordinary XF. the idea comes using a choice of three gasoline engines: Jaguar turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder 197bhp as well as also Star 236bhp, or super 335bhp 3.0-liter V6

All cars come with four-wheel drive as standard, as well as also the use of ZF eight-speed automatic.

as well as also XFL is actually the first Jaguar to be built in Cherry Jaguar Land Rover factory in Changshu, which is actually also China’s first aluminum purpose-built Centeng shop.

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Source: Jaguar XFL: long-wheelbase XF targets Chinese market

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