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is usually the completely new XF a car to excite or just an overly conservative sequel? By 2007, Jaguar was stuck inside doldrums. Ford’s ownership, as well as membership of the Premier Automotive Group, had not come without its advantages, although the introduction of the S-Type in 1999 as well as the X-Type two years later had not set the planet alight.The X-Type, manacled to the same front-drive platform as the Mondeo, was no match for the dynamism as well as verve of its compact German rivals, as well as the S-Type – in looks, certainly – harked back too plainly to an era of which the rest of the country was fast forgetting.Dramatic change was required, not only to revitalise Jaguar’s line-up as well as promote much-needed sales although also to point the firm in a completely new direction of which would likely establish the item as a forward-thinking entity rather than one overly obsessed with its heyday.So the XF, a car distinct through anything Jaguar had built before, was meant as a statement. Presciently introduced just as Ford sold the company to current owner Tata, the XF’s impact was seismic, not only for its determined focus on the future although also for the beguiling way the item drove.Everything of which followed has slotted into the groove forged by the XF. today the item, too, is usually due for renewal. Its success would likely seem to make of which prospect daunting although, in truth, there is usually much about the old product of which Jaguar will have been happy to fix, such as the comparatively heavy, Ford-derived steel architecture.The latest product is usually predominantly aluminium. the item’s lighter as well as leaner, yet bigger inside, too – another overhaul prescribed by its predecessor’s shortcomings. the item also gets completely new engines, the four-cylinder Ingenium family going into the XF for initially as well as forming the initial bulk of the offerings, although the range remains topped by petrol as well as diesel V6s.Following the successful launch of the XE, Jaguar is usually keen to prove to buyers – especially those purchasing through work – of which there’s something for everyone inside line-up. We’re testing the 2.0 180PS R-Sport auto to find out if the XF is usually still worth getting excited about.
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Source: Jaguar XF

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