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Jaguar’s completely new four cylinder 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engine comes with either 161bhp or 178bhp outputs

Expectations are high and also also also the competition fierce. Can the idea deliver? For as long as there has been a Jaguar, there has been an edition of Autocar to reflect on its merits.Through these pages, therefore, has passed a long list of Jaguar versions – some forgettable, a few lamentable and also also also some of them among the most beautiful and also also also evocative cars ever built. All have their place inside the narrative arc of one of Britain’s best-loved firms, and also also also its finest moments still provide the lodestones by which grace and also also also beauty and also also also growl can be historically measured.With the XE, Jaguar is usually not necessarily looking to add to its crown jewels. There will be no old men 50 years via at This kind of point mistily recalling the summer spent at its wheel. of which’s what the F-Type is usually for.The task before the XE is usually more about the bottom line, which makes the idea exponentially more important. Although the existence of Jaguar is usually virtually assured by the huge pile of money being amassed by its Land Rover sister, its status as a proper, profitable mainstream car maker is usually contingent on the kind of volume of which only a compact executive saloon like the XE can generate.Succeed, and also also also the brand’s three-decade struggle to establish itself as a functioning alternative to the premium German manufacturers finally gains a sustainable foothold. Fail, and also also also its current standing as Jaguar Land Rover’s low-volume, low-hip-point fun division ossifies, perhaps for not bad.To an extent, we’ve been here before, with the X-Type, whose arrival in 2001 brought trust of the same thing. Ultimately, the idea failed and also also also the idea has taken Jaguar a long time, and also also also a completely new owner, before the idea has been prepared to climb back inside the saddle.With the stakes high, Jaguar has bet the farm. There’s a completely new platform, an entirely completely new engine – diesel first, petrol later – and also also also even a completely new factory.via launch, there will be all 5 trim levels, four variants of four-cylinder motors and also also also a petrol V6, priced via just shy of £27,000.
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Source: Jaguar XE

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