Jaguar Land Rover to embark on retail revolution

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Source : Jaguar Land Rover to embark on retail revolution

Jaguar showroom Geller hits along with also record sales, the company is actually the reform of the galleries inside United Kingdom with the change of brand along with also initiatives to improve the customer experience


along with also Jaguar Land Rover reveals of which the item is actually today selling a fresh car every four minutes, along with also the company has been specify its plans to develop its dealer network, the establishment of a fresh look for showrooms across the United Kingdom along with also the absorption fresh ways to buy a car inside digital age.

hot inside wake of fresh sales figures shows of which JLR sold 62,314 cars inside United Kingdom inside first six months of the year – an increase of 24% via the same period last year – said the company’s leaders retail sector for the rest of the strategy contract to Autocar in an exclusive briefing

executives, including Jaguar Land Rover boss inside UK. Jeremy Hicks, along with also stressed the importance of how the £ annual investment 4BN doing company is actually currently, to fresh designs along with also infrastructure, along with also will be reflected £ traders between 2014 along with also 2018. 1BN

program to develop more than 230 showrooms to elegant temples , clean-looking, ultra-modern retail – with remarkable similarity to Apple stores – are today, which will see Jaguar along with also Land Rover agents coming together under one roof, in most cases. These fresh exhibitions convenient feature along the lines of waiting for the free zones lounge Wi-Fi, along with the engine, said departments.Hicks covered by the service: “Jaguar Land Rover has invested extensively in its cars along with also production facilities in recent years, along with also today to accommodate the shift inside quality of those vehicles, along with also several them are being built, along with also we retailer network conversion.

“by 2020, you will 86% of the retail sites we be double brand Jaguar Land Rover sites, compared to 34% today, along with also they will be each fixed in look along with also feel, having a gorgeous design along with also high quality materials “

Although car buyers are today doing visits less to showrooms before buying a car – just 1.5 per average day, compared to 10 times in a decade of time – traders Geller along with also adapt to the digital requirements of consumers with longer working hours along with also digital tools such as virtual reality technology to complete the research of which consumers today begin before buying the next car.

at the same time, Geller also encouraging traders to invest in fresh employees , including taking on nearly 1,000 trainees by 2020, along with also to change the way in which the payment of sales representatives, reducing the element of the Commission along with also to improve basic salaries.

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Source: Jaguar Land Rover to embark on retail revolution

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