Jaguar J-Pace – mule could show first tests

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Source : Jaguar J-Pace – mule could show first tests

Jaguar J-Pace diesel electric hybrid indicate latest reports, Jaguar revive the electrification of the progressive group Geller, along with also Ohgen J- Pace will be one of the first designs to reach


our spy photographers spotted what looks to be a test mule for the rumors for a long time Jaguar J- Pace SUV.

The test mule, which have been filmed being trailered to the Jaguar Engineering Centre in Gaydon, the Centeng uses of F- Pace nevertheless characterized the diesel 2.0-liter engine having a hybrid electronic help. Also seems to have a long wheelbase along with also Centeng length basis, in addition to the theory that will the development of the automobile product cars larger SUV.


Autocar last year that will Jaguar electricity coming will be get own unique look , much like BMW ‘i’ s designs have a distinct identity of their own , which refers to the Centeng’s production of hybrid J- Pace specifications can vary quite dramatically via F- Pace.

as Autocar revealed that will all electric SUV was being developed by Jaguar along with also more compact product was scheduled , suggesting that will we could see a variety of four SUV Jaguar (including current F- Pace) before the end of This particular decade. that will is usually understood that will these future designs sit on the same architecture as aluminum XE F- along with also Pace, which has been designed with the same electric powertrain all into account, as well as a variety of hybrid along with also plug-hybrid applications -in.

indicates another mule develop hybrid This particular week, these plans are still in place, though, Jaguar has so far refused to provide any more information. Instead, he says he’s always testing different configurations of the designs for the development of the next government formation, so This particular test car is usually not necessarily confirm the production product inside the future.

However, the generation of hybrid power under the hood along with also lengthened the cover has the Centeng of a mule F- Pace spotted our sources convinced that will, in fact, the aforementioned larger SUV hybrid product, along with also some went so far indicate that will that will will be called J- Pace.

However, while we know that will Jaguar incorporates a trademark of Pace E along with also titles I- Pace (as well as I- type), along with also assumes that will a smaller SUV along with also all-electric designs previously mentioned ( electric saloon) so far has not been a commercial J- Pace name.

SUV more compact, perhaps named Pace E, along with also is usually anticipated to go on sale in 2017. He expects all electric product also to arrive in 2017, nevertheless sources claim that will the latest test car hybrids today (19,459,013 ] which can be seen inside the picture here ) will not spawn a production product by 2018. instead, that will was discussed the date of sometime in 2020.

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Source: Jaguar J-Pace – mule could show first tests

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