Investigate entire former Volkswagen board, urges German authorities

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Source : Investigate entire former Volkswagen board, urges German authorities

Herbert Diess Council as well as former Volkswagen Volkswagen, working at the time of the scandal broke emissions, as well as should be investigated, according to in German financial authority BaFin


entire previous board Volkswagen should be investigated by the public prosecutor over the time of which took to detect fraud emission testing company, said financial supervision in Germany, BaFin offce prosecutors in Brunswick, Germany

emissions as well as the effects of the scandal continue, as well as This kind of will be the latest report by the Reuters news agency comes another blow to the company. The head of Volkswagen’s current Hans Dieter Poetsch as well as CEO Matthias Mueller each of the members of the Board of Directors at the time when the scandal broke out, the finance minister as well as head of the Porsche brand, respectively.

earlier within the week, several reports said the German media of which the current Volkswagen was the coach Herbert Diess under investigation by German authorities on suspicion of market manipulation within the company’s emissions scandal.

came after the confirmation in a press statement issued by the public prosecutor’s office of which the first Volkswagen was being researched Group CEO Martin Winterkorn in This kind of regard.

Office, which will be also responsible for additional investigations of VW, said of which the company had warned of a potential financial losses related to the scandal earlier to do so.

Volkswagen has publicly admitted in September 22, 2015 of which of which had installed the software in diesel cars of which evade emission testing in order to meet the claims of the economy in fuel consumption. However, these results indicate of which another internal documents may reveal Winterkorn known about for more than a year before This kind of date .

This kind of investigation will be the result of a complaint by the FSA Federal German finance control, said the office.

She added of which Winterkorn faces up to all 5 years in prison or a fine if charged.


Volkswagen has not yet commented on This kind of latest news, yet after the press as well as said his Discharge earlier within the week, an official statement of which “the press statement issued by the Public Prosecution Braunschweig does not cite any brand-new facts or information about any serious violations of which will be the duty by members of the board of directors charged with currently. ”

talk about legal reviews carried out as part of the investigation diesel scandal, the company said of which “according to information currently available, as well as may not serious breaches evident within the performance of duty by any serving or former members of the Governing Council were established.”

at a meeting of the ordinary general assembly of shareholders today the Volkswagen Group, came coach Matthias Mueller within the defense of the company, yet did not comment directly on the latest allegations against Diess as well as Winterkorn.

Mueller apologized to shareholders as well as acknowledged “the structure of our management must be improved upon” as well as of which the company “can not undo the past,” yet reiterated Volkswagen strategic plans Volkswagen 2025 – which include the development of electric vehicles as well as autonomous [19459006alsoannouncedthatthemanufacturerhasreceivedtheapprovalofthetechnicalsolutionstoamillionmorecarsthancarsautopoweracarinGermanyKBAwiththetotalnumberofthewithdrawalof37millionvehiclessayingheexpectedthecampaigntocallgainingmomentumattheendofthisyear

Volkswagen Passat as well as call the Passat CC to begin within the United Kingdom

opinion: Volkswagen in big trouble – as well as scandal emissions are not affect seriously

the British government confirms VW will be also the only automaker to use a cheat device emissions

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Source: Investigate entire former Volkswagen board, urges German authorities

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