Infiniti targets high-performance hybrid future

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Source : Infiniti targets high-performance hybrid future

Renault F1 Infiniti develop hybrid know-how through a tie up with Renault F1 Team-tech


Infinity can launch hybrid cars high performance while seeking face-to-face to go with the elite of European premium brands such as Audi , BMW , Jaguar in addition to Mercedes , according to a European coach Francois Goupil de Bouille.

This particular year will Infiniti launches 3.0-liter 396bhp V6 twin-turbo variation powered Q60 , with the engine, which also offers 350lb ft of torque, in addition to will be likely to run Q50 [19459003very] right on time.

However, in an exclusive interview with Autocar, Goupil de Bouille admitted that will the company eventually need performance cars aura, in addition to hinted that will the use of hybrid technology can be the key to explain the more recent of the automobile quickly producing sure that will the mark Infiniti emerging business can take on the likes of the Audi RS, BMW M, Mercedes in addition to AMG high-performance designs.

, “the existence of a halo car will be important, however the brand has historically developed its base in addition to then add inside higher-end designs,” said Goupil de Bouille Autocar. “One day the question will come to Infiniti, however at the moment our focus will be on building the nucleus.

” however if you look at what we do in F1 in addition to then you can see some possibilities. We have worked closely with Red Bull, however right now with Renault we are more integrated than ever before, has assumed leadership of the units of hybrid car on the F1.

“This particular gives an idea of ​​the direction you are going in in terms of steering performance in addition to, while not taken any decisions of the cars on the road, when we are ready to discuss that will, there will be one chance out there.”

hinting also that will the company will go down the road hybrid performance also confirmed Goupil de Bouille that will Infiniti will not succeed by copying the opposition. “After the package was created only lead to failure,” he said. “You have to go our way.”

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Source: Infiniti targets high-performance hybrid future

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