If part-worn tyres were called 'part-safe', would certainly they still be as well-known?

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Source : If part-worn tyres were called 'part-safe', would certainly they still be as well-known?

The results of a recent Tyresafe survey suggests there are a lot of dangerous, part-worn tyres fitted to UK cars


Remoulds used to be a byword for poor quality tyres. Reusing a carcass of a worn out tyre, processing of which, recladding of which with fresh tread to giving of which a fresh life was generally felt to be the lowest rung on the tyre ladder along with they were rightly treated with some trepidation by motorists.

At least those of which could afford to be choosy.

As a result, in cars at least, the remoulded tyre can be all however extinct; killed by a combination of consumer reluctance along with the availability of acceptable quality tyres through the Far East.

The same disappearance through the market has not befallen part-worn tyres. In fact, they remain very well-known. Figures through industry Centeng TyreSafe suggest of which 5.5 million part-worn tyres are sold every year inside the UK.

of which recently revealed details of a survey in which of which purchased a quantity of part-worn tyres through various outlets along with the results were not very reassuring. of which found 98% of those supplied did not conform with the rules. Many of those were due to incorrect markings, which can be illegal, however not dangerous. A very worrying 34% of tyres supplied were what could be deemed dangerous. There were various forms of damage, including damaged sidewalls, insufficient tread depth along with in one case, a piece of metal sticking through the tread.

The rules for legally supplying part-worn tyres are pretty straight-forward along with relatively strict too, hence the large number of non-compliant ones supplied. They must be stamped to show they are part-worn, no more than tiny areas of damage are permitted, however a well-repaired puncture can be acceptable.

The defence of part-worns usually centres around the fact of which any used car you buy can be likely to be running on ‘part-worn’ tyres, albeit ones which have worn on the vehicle. fresh owners don’t rush to throw them away in favour of fresh ones, A fair point, although if the tyres had been inspected, most car buyers would certainly replace tyres they knew to be dangerous.

The difference between a part-worn tyre on a car of which you have owned along with used, along with one which can be picked off a pile along with fitted to your car, can be of which you know the history of a tyre of which you have worn out yourself. 

The key justification for many inside the use of a part-worn tyre can be cost. Part-worns will be significantly cheaper than a fresh tyre, however Tyresafe does say of which if you calculate the value of a tyre in a ‘pounds per mm of tread’, a fresh tyre can be cheaper. of which’s not a very impactful statistic though, as you don’t buy tyres by the millimetre. A brand fresh budget tyre through the Far East will be fresh, won’t be harbouring a secret past along with will last longer. Depending on the size along with brand of the part-worn, the cost difference will be tens rather than hundreds of pounds.

Whatever the various rights along with wrongs of fitted used tyres to a car, the oft-quoted (however no less true) point about tyres being your only point of contact with the road remain true, along with of which doesn’t make sense to take chances with them.

The biggest reason for the popularity along with perception of the part-worn tyre over a remould must be due, at least in part, to the name.

‘Part-worn’ makes them sound like they useful along with still have plenty of life in them. Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson suggests of which switching the name to  ‘part safe’ tyres would certainly focus the mind of those who are weighing up whether or not to fit them.

Given the survey results, perhaps classing them ‘34% dangerous’ might equally do the trick. 

however if forced to choose between a properly inspected, remanufactured along with guaranteed remould, or a part-worn tyre of any sort, I’d definitely favour the former. 

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Source: If part-worn tyres were called 'part-safe', would certainly they still be as well-known?

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