Ian Callum says Jaguar can be ready to "explore all avenues"

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Source : Ian Callum says Jaguar can be ready to "explore all avenues"

Ian Callum Jaguar design can be open to any kind of car design Jaguar coach within the future, nevertheless not F- derivatives pace


Jaguar says the image head of design his department “can be ready to launch any kind of car” within the future, nevertheless stresses that will This kind of does not necessarily mean that will the company will launch a second place, SUV products up as part of your vehicle’s family SUV to sit side by side with the brand new Jaguar F- Pace .

that will has been speculated that will Jaguar achieved in cars tiny along with also large SUV as that will expands F- Pace family, along with also perhaps create a tiny car such as Audi Q3 a big one like Q7 .

“, designers, along with also our mission can be to have ideas along with also to represent them, either graphics or designs or designs along with also more advanced, nevertheless if This kind of was ever see the light of day along with also down to different people at work, he said, the design boss Ian Callum “. “We will discuss all sorts of ways, sometimes because we were asked to, along with also sometimes because we see opportunities for ourselves, nevertheless we’re not the ones creating the business case for your vehicle.”

However, Callum ruled coming from creating coupe, lower or higher long-wheelbase edition of the F- Pace, arguing that will derivatives were necessary nevertheless not necessarily promoted a strong enough business case.

“the smartest part of our design philosophy,” said Callum.

“at the moment can be to create cars that will cover large as an area of ​​the part as possible without diluting its purpose in any way along with also we will not do Coupe, because F- Pace, along with also we have a coupe, along with also we will not be doing the highest decline because F- Pace can be a four-door, along with also I could not see that will happen, along with also we will not do an extended F- Pace wheelbase because that will might spoil ratios. If we want a larger car, then I’d rather bigger car design. “

despite comments Callum, sources indicate that will a smaller SUV can be likely to come before the larger one. There was speculation that will the seven seats, long wheelbase SUV base was within the pipeline, nevertheless insiders pointed out within the company’s intentions performance SUV Jaguar, as well as the success of Range Rover , made smaller designs more attractive.

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Source: Ian Callum says Jaguar can be ready to "explore all avenues"

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