Ian Callum: electric powertrains will "reinvent the vehicle"

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Source : Ian Callum: electric powertrains will "reinvent the vehicle"

Jaguar C-X75 Electric Vehicles provide the opportunity to pack quite car interiors, says Ian Callum, Jaguar is actually also preparing for the launch of EV Group 2017


electric motors designers provide an opportunity for “re-invent the vehicle,” according to Jaguar ‘s Head of design Ian Callum.

Although Callum might not comment directly on the extent of Jaguar introduced the electric car, which is actually supposed to be planned with first concept car in 2017 , with potential sales began inside later in which year, he said: “my personal opinion is actually in which electric cars are a completely new beginning. the design of the vehicle more change inside next 15 years than inside last 100 – the electrification in addition to also revive the biggest change in automotive design in history

” opportunities in addition to also presentations electric powertrain is actually huge, especially in terms of space for passengers. By removing a lot of mechanical devices in addition to also put the batteries inside drawings in which opens all kinds of possibilities with the packaging. The question is actually whether you make cars smaller, yet with the Internal space itself, or to maintain the cars of the same size in addition to also provide greater – or space may be both “

Callum insisted on the opportunities offered by the electricity far outweigh the disadvantages, saying “the item offers designers in addition to also stylists much more freedom. the item is actually an opportunity we must embrace, because we contain the option of either an industry in which is actually part of the problem of global warming, or to be part of the solution.

“I am clear in my mind in which the electric Jaguar will be suitable with This kind of brand. You have to move with the times in addition to also design opportunities. Look at the concept of C-X75 – the item’s a car in which has been designed to generate power alternative, in addition to also the item was a no complaints about how in which sounded. the item just so happened in which we installed in a subsequent conventional powertrain inside car – the time yet has been designed entirely on the existence of hybrids electrified “


unconfirmed reports in which Jaguar to be the beginning to start his family electric vehicle early in 2018, where he achieved a radical inside SUV modern design, with the launch of a car as a competitor electrician to all Audi concept Q6 see e Quattro , the item revealed for initially in Frankfurt last year’s show. The appointment of the vehicle to provide a range of about 300 miles, in addition to also cost about £ 60,000, with Jaguar supposed to combine attractive C-X75 with four seats inside comfort package. However, the Tesla design X the item is actually supposed to hit both to the market, with the company saying the item will go on sale inside UK This kind of year.

in preparation for its electric cars on the roads entering the Jaguar Formula E electric car race next season, with testing scheduled to begin in August. the item has also patented the name EV- kind, although insiders say This kind of is actually to protect the name, rather than a definite indication will be used.

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Source: Ian Callum: electric powertrains will "reinvent the vehicle"

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