IAM RoadSmart Offers Female Only Riding Days

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Source : IAM RoadSmart Offers Female Only Riding Days


IAM RoadSmart as well as organizing skills to ride the first day ever for bikers only females , having a focus on treatment as well as develop skills as well as get more than their own ride. The day will focus on the individuals own development goals as well as all ability as well as experience levels are welcome.

today’s women-only ride takes place at Thruxton Circuit in Hampshire on September 19, 2016, which do not need to be a member of IAM RoadSmart to participate.

Amanda Smith, IAM RoadSmart, Chairman of providing field services, said: “ were our members asking for a day for women only skills so they can learn skills at their own pace with the bikers follow such thinking. We were more than happy to provide This kind of . This kind of day will be for all riders females who want to improve their skills while having some fun

subjects covered inside day will include:

  • vanishing point, entry, apex as well as exit points, as well as how they differ through the road department, why as well as how we use the item, where we must put to watch the progress as well as safety along with braking
  • where to brake, when as well as how much to brake, as well as how the item feels inside case emergency as well as end on the accelerator (throttle) application to adjust the bike balance for controlled smooth cornering
  • gear selection – how to decide which gear best suited to the conditions as well as control
  • how to use the accelerator / gas pedal to add stability on the bike upon entering the corners, blipping or constant acceleration techniques when changing down gears.

place in This kind of day as well as Skills £ 135 each as well as can be booked by calling 0300 303 1134. Family as well as friends are also welcome spectators. Please note This kind of will be not a race day as well as will be required to attend to make a bike to participate.

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Source: IAM RoadSmart Offers Female Only Riding Days

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