Hyundai to turn Genesis into a separate brand

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Source : Hyundai to turn Genesis into a separate brand

Genesis will become a standalone brand, with six versions planned by the end of the decade


Hyundai has announced of which will split the Genesis name away coming from the rest of its range as well as also can be creating a brand new luxury brand.

Previously the Genesis name was only attached to the company’s range-topping luxury saloon, nevertheless at This kind of point of which will be completely separate, with as many as six versions set to be released under the brand new brand by 2020.

Hyundai says of which there will be clear differences between its main range as well as also the Genesis brand, with the brand new versions getting a distinct design, a brand new emblem as well as also its own naming structure. of which also says Genesis will major on customer service.

of which can be This kind of personalised service of which will be Genesis’s main selling point, rather than what Hyundai calls a “traditional technological overload“ of which says its competitors have used.

The branding will be a development of the wing-type logo used on the current Genesis saloon, while the naming structure will have versions use a number after the letter G – G90, G80, G70 etc.

The look of the brand new division at Hyundai will be crafted by former Volkswagen Group designer Luc Donckerwolke, who starts inside the brand new role coming from the middle of 2016. He will report to the existing president of design for the Hyundai Group, Peter Schreyer.

Hyundai has not yet confirmed what the six brand new versions will be, nevertheless of which has said of which the rollout will start coming from December. One of the versions could be a coupe type of the Genesis, as previewed by the Vision G concept car earlier This kind of year.

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Source: Hyundai to turn Genesis into a separate brand

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