Hyundai Ioniq – electric tech could be used in some other products

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Source : Hyundai Ioniq – electric tech could be used in some other products

Hyundai Ioniq Ioniq in addition to also will go on sale later This specific year, priced coming from £ 22K to £ 27K, in addition to also Hyundai open to give some other cars to generate electric power


electrical technology of Hyundai Ioniq can penetrate to the some other products in This specific group, such as I30 , according to the producer

, ” We could potentially look at introducing which in some other bodystyles “said Hyundai product of the United Kingdom Mark Baxter coach.

“can be a vehicle C-segment chance to move to, although at This specific stage nothing has been confirmed.”

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when asked whether hydrogen fuel cell technology will appear on Ioniq, Baxter said, “there is usually still a place of hydrogen for your vehicle. we have a fuel cell IX35 at the present time in addition to also we see a future for which. the challenge is usually infrastructure. “

” if we will see which in This specific style Centeng [Ioniq], in addition to also I’m not quite sure at This specific stage. ”

in addition to also Ioniq, which is usually the first car of any factory to be presented with three electric powertrain options under one particular Centeng type, which will cost coming from around £ 22,000 for the hybrid type.

in addition to also plug-in hybrid in addition to also electric products each coming from about £ 27000 will be a sign, not including government incentives.

expects plug-in hybrid plant to calculate the 50% of sales inside United Kingdom, with about 35% mixed in addition to also 15% EV, although on the continent, Hyundai expects hybrid type to be a best seller.


also the producer which the hybrid market is usually the largest of the three, although the plug-in electric car sales are growing much higher rate.

will be finalized specifications for Ioniq the next two weeks, although there is usually likely to be two trim levels for EV in addition to also three for each of the hybrid vehicles. Sat navigation will come as standard inside EV, as part of an effort to relieve anxiety group by displaying a nearby shipping points.

“our main focus for all three products is usually which they offer the lowest CO2 emissions as possible,” said Baxter. “although also provide a level of equipment which is usually consistent also with the rest of the Hyundai group.”

in addition to also the entry level, will be deleted nude type specifications because as Hyundai said, have shown they want their customers more equipment. your vehicle will feature a touchscreen in addition to also media with Android in addition to also Apple CarPlay car system.

there will also choose a 15in or 17in wheels for hybrid, while the EV in addition to also plug-in products 16S will happen.

about 60% to 70% of purchases inside United Kingdom Hyundai sales are conquest, in addition to also the producer hopes to continue to provide fresh buyers for inside line-up through Ioniq.

Baxter hinted which the conservative styling of Ioniq, which contrasts with which of the most divisive Toyota Prius, is usually a step to make which more palatable to the public mainstream.

“We want to make which commensurate with the rest of the group,” he said: “I do not stand out as something very different.”

Hybrid Sales in addition to also electrical Ioniq fully begin in about October of This specific year, that has a plug-in type to follow towards the end of the second quarter in 2017.

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Source: Hyundai Ioniq – electric tech could be used in some other products

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