Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles need ‘one more step’

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Source : Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles need ‘one more step’

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo cell vehicles along with also hydrogen fuel along with also electric vehicles clean will be the key to the future of Honda, reveals along with also CEO Takahiro Hachigo [President


inside the nine months since Takahiro Hachigo, aged 55 years Honda ‘lifer “along with also senior engineers, he was appointed unexpectedly President along with also CEO Fortunately difficult along with also crowded agenda both challenges.

in Europe, Honda will be doing better than for many years as brand-new versions (which oversaw Hachigo as R & D manager in Europe) has promised to pay in 2016 the last volume of 0,000 cars along with also toward the goal of 0,000 units. in January along with also February, sales rose in Europe by one-third.

In another development, quality issues, along with also some versions of the United States a bad solution along with also management look inward means Honda failed to take advantage of Toyota ‘s recent unrest along with also faces the risk of waiver sixth place among the global automotive industry of April .

through the item all, Hachigo, with his eye engineer, will be looking forward to the day 30 years coming from today, when hydrogen fuel cells Honda pure electric vehicles to be “dominant”. Here, in an exclusive interview, he reveals his mind inside the future.

Honda used to calling the item the entire world’s largest engine. What are the priorities today?

“We are still creating very advanced engines, along with also will continue to do so for some time inside the future. As an example, we have developed a brand-new set of reducing the size of 1.0-liter along with also 1.5-liter diesel, which will be sold in our cars in engines All over the entire world. although we are also working hard on all the some other important technologies, with particular emphasis on electricity, which will become Honda’s core technology.

what types of electrification Do you favor? Do you think of which powered vehicles hydrogen fuel cells, such as your clarity FCV , can fit ever mass market?

build zero-emission vehicles will be our goal inside the end, all of the cell vehicles fuel along with also electric cars clean. although we still have important technical issues along with also problems of infrastructure to overcome with both of them. inside the meantime, I believe of which a plug-in hybrid become mainstream.

How long do you think of which the plug-in hybrid coming from the automobile electric will continue? Two or three type cycles?

along with also of which period will depend largely on the technical progress of vehicles with fuel cell, with the development [of hydrogen] infrastructure, fueling, along with also of course, the cost of these things. We see the PHEV as a necessary step although the item will be not the goal.

you have a competitor Toyota hydrogen FCVs talks as they once talked about hybrid Prius , which will be today selling inside the millions. Do you feel the same

Yes, we trust of which FCVs are spread all over the entire world as soon as possible, although to do so must be made on two fronts -? With the way of which uses electrical energy to drive cars along with also in creating an efficient source of hydrogen generation along with also distribution.

How appropriate along with also FCVs today’s high-volume manufacturing?

main component of any hydrogen fuel cell car will be a pile along with also go as far as manufacturing technology, along with also I think of which needs to make another big step. Without the item, the item’s hard to imagine FCVs building at a rate of one car for a minute, as we do with the petrol cars. So as well as infrastructure problems, we have of which to overcome.

how long the item takes to achieve these things?

We believe of which by 2030, electric vehicles along with also FCVs should make up about 15% of total Honda sales. By 2050, we believe of which these cars may be the prevailing mix of versions to build. of which could be our ideal, in any case, along with also of which will be what we are working to achieve.

What about product positioning? Does Honda’s desire to move upmarket?

along with also we believe our products are positioned correctly. Instead of worrying about the modern premium, we must focus on customers who know us today, along with also the study of how our products will bring them more joy. As you know, we make motorcycles along with also power products as well as the automobile, which meant we got to at least 27 million customers inside the past year.

inside the United Kingdom, along with also we are always concerned about the future of Honda’s Swindon factory. You can describe your place inside the global agenda?

We have invested 3000000000 € [£ 2.4bn] in Swindon since the item began, along with also signed off € 270M Last [£ 210M]. Swindon will be the focus of the global production of Civic . We swear our global business in six regions, along with also aims to improve the efficiency of all the plants to complement each some other, depending on the ebb along with also flow of demand. In of which context, Swindon will play a future role will be very important in Honda ‘s global structure.

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Source: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles need ‘one more step’

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