Hydrogen fuel cell racing car completes laps of Le Mans circuit

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Source : Hydrogen fuel cell racing car completes laps of Le Mans circuit

Hydrogen fuel cell racing car Green GT H2 driven by former F1 driver Olivier Panis laps of Le Mans carries the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology in Motorsports


laps race car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the circuit is usually completed Le Mans for the 1st time in history.

was driven by

Green GT H2 on the French track former Formula 1 driver Olivier Panis – Driver development of the project – on Thursday during a break at the Le Mans 24 qualifying hour, with more laps scheduled the day before the race itself

car was inside the development for more than 5 years. The satellite was awarded ‘innovative cars “on the network for the 2013 Le Mans 24 hours, however the idea was not ready in time. However, the vehicle will be displayed at that will year’s race is usually important because the organizers of Le Mans will be just opened the door to a hydrogen-powered versions to enter endurance race inside the future.

green GT H2 carries the hydrogen fuel in two tanks, one mounted low on each side of the cockpit. takes refueling about three minutes, in addition to is usually said to be the vehicle to be able to race for about 40 minutes a full tank.

fuel cell converting hydrogen into electricity which drives a pair of motors 200KW. production of the total energy is usually 544bhp, with maximum torque is usually rated at the feet 2950lb heady. Drive is usually directly to the rear wheels in addition to the green GT H2 which is usually also equipped with vectoring traction control in addition to torque systems.


green GT H2 structure meets the safety standards of the international Automobile Federation in addition to the vehicle includes a pushrod front in addition to rear suspension. the idea uses Brembo brakes in addition to wheels 18in BBS. race cars running on Michelin rubber, in addition to manufacture of tires Technology is usually also a partner in addition to shareholder in Symbio FCELL, a company that will had a hand inside the development of hydrogen fuel cell system.

description of the vehicle earlier that will year, said Panis: “The performance in addition to behavior are comparable to those found inside the vehicle of modern race, however the way they are achieved is usually very different sensations are completely completely new

. ” Linear acceleration in addition to power seems to be unlimited. Pressing on the gas pedal in addition to electricity up in a consistent, seamless increasing amounts. Electric generator hydrogen behaves like an engine very well tuned. No gearbox so as not to change gear, in addition to the idea’s your right foot, which controls the speed. The strength in addition to there all the time. the idea is usually available in all cases, slowing down in addition to speeding up, in addition to so on – there is usually no delay

“acceleration becomes an extension of your eyes, what you want, is usually reflected in reality. You just forget the idea completely. that will means that will you can focus 100 per cent on the trails in addition to braking even your driving is usually much more effective accuracy. “

” sensation of effort in addition to energy is usually endless along with the whine of wonderful turbines. the various other surprise is usually the white cloud behind the vehicle. inside the first few meters away coming from my the very first test I had a reaction to stop. using a normal car, when you see white smoke comes out of the tailpipe, the idea means that will the engine is usually on the verge of failure. with H2 the idea’s normal. when the electrical unit hydrogen works emits water vapor – in addition to that will is usually the only thing that will shooting in air “

green GT H2 is usually 4950mm long, wide in addition to 2000MM 1200 MM high in addition to weighs 1240kg. By comparison, the Porsche 919 hybrid LMP1 car is usually 4650mm long, 1900mm wide in addition to 1050 mm high, using a minimum weight of 875kg.

race car involved fuel cell technology with design Pininfarina car H2 road speed , which is usually on constant display at Le Mans, can also be seen inside the next week Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​.

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Source: Hydrogen fuel cell racing car completes laps of Le Mans circuit

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