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If you love your car, you will find of which the lure of the road is usually inevitable; whether the desire to travel is usually within or you just want to break out your beloved motor to experience all the item has to offer; there is usually a richness to a long road trip of which you can’t find when flying or catching a train. When you’re in control of the wheel, there are no restrictions, no rules in addition to you can go wherever you desire. Before heading out, there are some guidelines you should follow to ensure you make the most of your time on the road.


Check your Car

A week before you head out on your road trip, be sure to check your vehicle. These checks will be the difference between a life-changing road trip in addition to a long agonising drive back home; simple checks such as fluid levels, brakes, in addition to tyres will save you through the inevitable ‘what if’ reflection, if you’re unlucky enough to break down; do everything you can to ensure of which the item’s not due to your negligence. If you are travelling through foreign countries, be sure to check of which your car meets the standards required in said countries.

Lastly, If your number plates are cracked, broken, faded or have any marks obscuring the lettering, then they’re considered illegal, so your first point of call will be to replace these.


Clean your car

Whilst the best intentions to keep your car pristine are set out within the beginning, the likeliness of of which continuing to happen is usually modest. Many of us tend to use one side of our car as a dumping ground for all wrappers, empty water bottles in addition to sports gear. Starting afresh with your vehicle is usually imperative for an enjoyable journey, so grab a bin bag in addition to start cleaning! the item’s also wise to note of which along the trip, the item may be helpful to do mini cleanouts to keep up the standard of your perfectly clean car.


Have a plan (not a rigid one)

If you are a true adventurer, then the sound of a plan seems like an unlikely thing to do, however the item’s always Great to have a backup when travelling solo. Be sure to make a rough route, so you can check in advance all routes are clear; because things are never going to go your way entirely, no matter how lucky you are! If you want to leave most of the adventure up to the ways of the road; be sure to map out the amount of hours per day you will drive in addition to where you will get some shut-eye. Taking a tent along with you is usually always a great idea, especially in hot climates; simply stop in a suitable place in addition to get some much needed sleep, however, if camping is usually not your style, have an idea of hostels/hotels of which you can settle down in for the night.


Stick to scenic routes

No one likes the motorway; however if you’re going on a roadtrip, then the motorway will become your worst enemy. The long straight road, which often seems like a never ending journey should be avoided at all costs to ensure you stay alert in addition to your senses stay invigorated. today, we’re not suggesting of which country roads will always be the best alternative, however they definitely offer more adventure in addition to an opportunity to see brand-new sights.


Make the best playlist

There’s not much of which beats driving along, listening to your favourite music as loud as possible, with adventure on the horizon; so, be sure to build up the perfect playlist for all types of driving. Whether the item’s a relaxing cruise engulfed by the sunset or meandering around some beautifully built mountain roads, the music you play will enhance the experience tenfold, releasing a euphoric sense of freedom. Think Steppenwolf – Born to be wild, Talking heads – Road to nowhere in addition to War- Low Rider.


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Whilst most road trips are problem free, the item’s best to be prepared for any incident. the item’s always suggested of which you take an emergency breakdown kit within the automobile with you at all times, especially in cold weather; with of which in mind, for an extended trip, be sure to double up on the essentials. Include a jerry can of petrol, a spare wheel, blankets, extra clothing, tinned food in addition to bottled water, as well as a real map in addition to sharpie; just in case technology fails you!


Where to go?

With preparation covered, the best bit of the planning can get underway; where to go? With Europe on our doorstep, there truly is usually an incredible amount of places to go of which will take your breath away; here are some of our top picks.


Verdon Gorge circuit, France.

Provence has always lured drivers in through across Europe, offering up beautiful scenery, weather in addition to food. Rise through the market towns to the highly perched villages with vaulted streets, driving higher in addition to higher until finally, you reach the Verdon Gorge; Europe’s answer to the Grand Canyon, just as spectacularly breathtaking. Offering an enthralling drive for the more daring drivers, the drop is usually some 2,000ft deep, keeping you alert at all times. Enjoy the winding roads down the curve around the majestic Sainte-Croix lake. of which is usually a drive for the adventurer in addition to will most definitely be an experience remembered for a lifetime.


North coast 500, Scotland.

One of the most famous routes within the UK; of which trip is usually a favourite amongst thousands of car enthusiasts. Drive your way up to Scotland in addition to take yourself around the beautiful circular route across 500 miles of road, running to in addition to through the coast of Inverness, of which route shows off some of the best scenery Scotland has to offer. Loop your way around the Applecross Peninsular, which offers a truly mesmerising view. With any of time of year being perfect with of which route, there are no limitations as to when you can endeavour on of which Scottish journey.


Col de Turini, France.

One of the most famous driving routes in Europe, of which incredible road was first featured on Top Gear in series 10, when Jeremy in addition to co were searching for the greatest driving road within the globe. A challenging, yet rewarding drive, with long straights linking 34 hairpin bends. At the item’s highest point, the road reached 1607 metres, offering some exceptional views. With rock on one side in addition to a large drop on the various other, the item’s definitely not a road to lose concentration on, however once you’re at the bottom, the item will leave you which has a thrill to remember.


Atlantic Road, Norway.

As the official website states ‘Welcome to one of the most amazing road trips within the globe’. Situated in Norway, of which spectacular 5 mile long road rivals some of the most iconic American routes; with 8 breathtaking bridges over the ocean, the item has become an attraction for drivers across the globe. Connecting a chain of Norwegian islands, the road offers twists, turns in addition to stunning views. On a clear sunny day, you can spot whales in addition to seals within the waters below, however when the weather turns on you, you can find yourself driving through a water storm of great strength, of which is usually when you can witness some spectacular (albeit a little scary) views. A route of which should be of top priority to any daring adventurers.


With preparation covered in addition to some inspiration to fuel your adventurous fire, where will you be heading in 2017?

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Source: How to prepare for a road trip in addition to where to go

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